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Time-The Fire In Which We Burn

How do you feel when you have nothing to do except one thing,that is waiting. How difficult it is when everything around you becomes silent or it is that you do not want to listen to anything because you want to remain in your "world of silence".
And this is not usual, there is a reason behind this and that resides deep inside your heart, pinching you each second.

Everything around you becomes still and inactive as if time have stopped at a moment or it is that you don't want the time to move forward and you are holding those moments in your heart and eyes with an assumption that nothing around you is active.The whole world around you seems to have stopped at the moment where you were left alone.You create a world of your own in which the time has become still as if you are not allowing it to move forward because you do not want to face the harsh 
reality.But is there any way to hold the time at the moment you want it to . A big "NO".It is a saying that "Time and tide waits for none", but why Actually the truth is that time does not wait for anyone,but we hope for someone and wait for him which the passing time.The time keeps on going on and on...and same is the wait,it also goes on from 1 day to 2 days and so on.Time sometimes make you feel that you are not required any more by someone.Why because the time when you were required has passed or the time which is coming does not require you. This all is a muddle and I am falling in it.....

Time flies over us,but leaves it shadows behind....

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