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The Ruthless Time

We come in this world at a scheduled time,
We go from the world at a scheduled time,
In between this, everything is not fine,
What a ruthless time.

No time for near ones,
No time for dear ones,
Everyone is just running behind a fake shine,
What a ruthless time.

One day everything will stop,
Me and my soul will be cropped,
That day you will be mine,
What a ruthless time.

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G for Gitano...

Two hearts are travelling, both tired,
one is ready to hold on, the other thinks its being hired,
both travel together on the same road,
but the distance between them is too broad...

Two hearts are travelling, both tired,
one was too busy to listen when the other cried,
both are willing to be with each other,
none of both knows what time is coming further...

Two hearts are travelling, both tired,
having a dream to be always connected with a wire,
the wire is not based on conditions,
its just full of emotions...

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Law Of Infinity

Physics taught the "Law Of Infinity", which says when infinity is reciprocated, it become zero.

Nowadays, humans are implementing this law on each other. When you give your infinity to a person, he reciprocates it to zero.

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F For Fall

Falling is a nature's process. The word fall in itself seems to give negative vibes as something is depreciating but the fact is that the fall of apple had been the reason of the discovery of gravitational force. When the water tides rise high, its a signal of danger and everyone is warned not to go near it but when it falls, it is cool, calm and silent and we enjoy playing with it. Its just how we see the things, its how our perceptions are.
We can't have stars shining in light, they can shine only in darkness and we all love to see them twinkling. Darkness is considered to be the fall of light and positive energy as the evil souls are considered to be more powerful in the dark. But light is followed by darkness only. Like coin have two faces and each face has its own importance and significance, in the same way rise and fall are the two faces of a coin. The one complements the other. The real taste of food would only be felt who is having hunger of it. The harder is the fall, the stronger is the rise. It is the work of destiny because its human nature not to have the true value rise unless they will have the taste of fall.

I taste rise, I taste fall,

I make mistakes, I correct them,

I hurt others, I make them happy as well,

I live, I learn,
I'm hurt, I'm happy,

I'm not perfect, I'ma simple human.

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The Endless Roads

Life is a journey which we all are traversing. The journey starts from life and no one knows where it ends. Some say death is the ultimate end of the journey of life, but how can we so sure since none of us know exactly where do we go when our soul leaves our body. Might be after death we have another journey in some other world. It clearly specifies that we all are mere travellers having no destination point to reach.

We meet many co-travellers in this journey. Some start to walk with us on the road we are travelling and some walk on the parallel road in such a way that they are walking beside each other but will never meet and will keep on walking in this way. There is gap of understanding and emotions between their parallel roads that is wide enough which do not allow them to be on the same road.

And in a way its good also. If all will start walking on the same road, then it will cause huge traffic and the journey will be delayed and its also possible that some might loose their patience and will stop to travel forward. Those walking on the same road seems to be very friendly as if they will reach to their destined end together, but as soon as they will find someone more friendly than you, they will leave your hand and will hold theirs. Very few keep holding the same hand in their entire journey no matter how many obstacles comes on the road.

Life is a journey, not a destination. So, keep enjoying this beautiful journey.
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