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The behavior of acting in a way that benefits others at the expense of self.
It's a rare thing to see this kind of stuff in today's world, where everyone's looking to profit from everything & everywhere :-|.

Everyone works hard to make their ends meet, so that they can enjoy a life of whatever span there is left to live. In this eternal struggle comes the situations where a sacrifice is required to proceed towards success. At the time of the sacrifice, the one who is about to profit suddenly dons on the seriousness cap and voila, we get a priest of dark magic who is thinking (hard) of the person he should sacrifice, in order to succeed. Most times it's an 'optimized sacrifice' and not just a simple sacrifice, in the way that they get minimum kickback with maximum profit.

But what I wonder is, is it good to be an altruistic person in the world that lives with the above mentioned principle.

Altruism usually has the benefit of bonds between people that are strong and deep with power of giving & mending any cracks that come to be. Everyone around an altruistic person grows and flourishes at an unprecedented rate, for they recieve the best at absolutely no cost to themselves. The cost however is paid by the altruist, and the effects vary from people to people. 

If the people who recieved the free nourish are good people, they pay back the favour they recieved. Through this the group strengthens and solidifies as one. It's like a small reservoir getting shade from trees, that grew strong and healthy due to the water given to them , protecting the reservoir in return from harsh sunlight.
However, if the people who recieved the nourishment just care about themselves ,  the altruist ends up paying the ultimate price as they emptying up everything for others and yet more is demanded from him. This ending is a bad one as the altruist in this case dies, and the one who is born again is no different from the one's who made him so. People like these are weeds that quench their thirst but give nothing to express their gratitude, mainly because they don't have any.

The final case is the rarest of the rarest but the best in all. When an altruist is self  sufficient enough to know that his actions are the only things he can control, while the response he gets from other people is other people's business, self harm is prevented . The free loaders usually get the least benefit while the one's who intend to pay back remember the altruist as one great guy. On the other hand, due to Mr altuist's frequent place change, he ends up with the maximum profit. This arrangement is like the underground water that springs up from multiple locations. Due to this, it's very much possible to grow a forest and yet not shorten the supply of water. Ergo, a win-win tire everyone. :-)

The person who preaches this type of altruism is like a DON'T GIVE A FUCK attitude with a smile.

Well, to end it, whether altruism is good or not solely depends on the people and the altruist himself. So if you end up meeting an altruist, don't forget to appreciate them for the way they are and  thier work as well!

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Climb Every Mountain

A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage and in the middle of it, they put a ladder with bananas on the top of it.

Each time a monkey start to climb the ladder to eat the bananas, the scientists soaked rest of the monkeys in icy cold water.

This kept on repeating with the second monkey as well, so from the next time any monkey dared to climb, the rest of the monkeys started to pull him down and beat him up.

After a time, no monkey dared to climb the ladder, no matter how great the temptation was.
The scientists then decided to replace one of the monkeys. The first thing this monkey did was to start climbing the ladder. Immediately, the other monkeys pulled him down and beat him up.

After several beatings, the new monkey decided never to climb up the ladder, even though there was no evident reason not to, except the beatings.

After this, the second monkey was substituted and same thing happened with him also. Subsequently, all five monkeys were replaced.

What was left was a group of five monkeys that, without ever having received the icy cold shower, continued to beat up any monkey who attempted to climb the ladder.

This is exactly what happens in our lives. If we wish to do something different and non-confirmative, society tries to drag us down without any reason.
But that doesn’t that we should stop climbing. Keep challenging the status quo!

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Light After Night

The night is moving slowly to meet the light
She has the belief that slowly slowly she will merge into the light
She will find rest and peace in the arms of light
Although she won't be there
She will live in the shadow of light
Hoping that light will come to know one day that he is incomplete without night
We find the real meaning of light only after meeting the night
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In this crazy world of ours, this word is attached to religion and Gods and how the greatest of the worshippers did humongous tasks with a simple solution of turning to a specific diety.
As much as I would like to write in detail about this, I cannot, because the topic of this writing is not the Gods, but the people itself.

Worship, according to google's main definition means, the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. But what of I say, that people actually worship beings other than the majestic 'Deities' . Yup, you guessed it right, people worshipping pepple is what I'm going to discuss today.

Worship, in simple words means, giving everything you have for a specific reason, thing or being. And no boundaries are imposed on the limit to which you can donate your life. If you worship, a specific reason a. k. a 'cause' , it's good, for it powers up your inner core like a power source. You start to live and thrive for this cause. Some of the greatest revolutionaries are examples of this.

If you worship a particular thing, you are putting all your expectations and actions towards a specific thing, and you may or may not own it. And depending on your dedication to this 'thing' determines the goodness it holds for your life. If you don't own it, it becomes an aim, but you do own it, it becomes something powerful, yet powerless.

However, when you treat a person with utmost respect and dignity and keep him/her even above your own, it solely depends on the person, you are sacrificing everything for. If the respective human being is learned, and you strive to absorb the principles of his life into yours to amplify the goodness in it, then sure, do it till the end, because you are the  sole beneficiary in the end.


If the other person is just a simpleton like you, yet you try to empower his life with the positives reserved for you and you alone, then my dear friend, you are in for a hell of a ride. You give up everything you have, for their sake and happiness, and in return cherish the feeling of fulfilment of watching them be happy & fill you like an overflowing bucket. The only thing you end up achieving is how to live life like them.

It's well and good, if they are family, but when the 'others' start getting benefits that they don't deserve, the only person badly affected is the sponsor of those benefits, i.e.


Your own life becomes devoid and you become like a planet revolving a black hole. You don't get anything, but if anything does pop up, it's swallowed by the blackhole.

Our life remains a happy and successful one, as long as we are able to provide ourselves with the interest
( The one used maths-%) of nourishment . But if we change the reciever of the interest , what do you think happens to the one who had been receiving it(our life) till now.

Yup, you are right, the previous reciever of this graceful nourishment, slowly starts to wilt, and in the end dies. What's left of a beautiful life becomes a barrenland void of everything it  could have been.

Worship is strictly one way and it always affects the person in a bad way if he/she has nothing to gain in the end.

Love a person, cool.

Respect a person, cool.

Worship a person*, not cool man, definitely not cool.

So, to all those who have put in everything they have for someone, make sure they are worthy of it, and  doubly sure of being at the  recieving end of the benefits as well.


*family and someone with superior knowledge are excluded from the list

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A moment in which two things vibrate or behave in similar fashion under similar circumstances. Atleast this is what the books say.

But if we leave the scientific part for the scientists, then resonance can only be thought of as seeing someone with characteristics similar to us. They perform in a particular way, in a particular situation with a particular precision, almost as if they were  copying our own style. We find it  fulfilling  and energetic to find someone with a similar experience and view of life. This fact, alone increases the chances of friendship with the other  person.

It's a common knowledge that we like people who try to listen and understand our needs and life. But when we see the other person going through the same thing, it stirs a little bit of our emotional part and if possible, we try to help the other person. Irrespective of the outcome, our action solidates a bond of friendship that has the absolute level of understanding. I believe these coincidental friendships have a stronger chance of bearing the brunt of the latest friendship protocols, where friendships are for miniscule things and matters, and if nothing else, satisfaction of needs.

People who make bonds after watching the other guy go through the same thing underestimate  the level of similarities in between them and evaluate the other person very quickly . They end up being in a relation of sharing and caring mutually, but when other person's life starts to unravel in front of them & the amount of baddies turns out to be more than the amount of goodies , they just shirk their responsibilities and walk away.

The environment becomes of full of dejection as the people once involved feel that they could have been good friends and put the blame on the other person for pretending and lying to be someone they are not. And then they walk away to repeat the whole cycle all over again and in the process, accumulating stress and dejection.

What was their fault to face such problems?

My answer: Patience and Lack of proper understanding

Had they been just cordial towards each other and patient towards each other's flaws while understanding their good , the friendship would have survived. But who has the time to waste time and energy to know someone who they (sarcasm missile launched) will eventually leave their life in times of turmoil and need. Having a proper and long lasting friendship requires time to check the level of personality resonance between people. It is the reason, we are able to make strong satisfying relationships that last a long time.

But in today's time when the present satisfaction is given a priority over long term satisfaction, then the bonds formed between people are also of the same nature , i. e they hold a value for a short period of time only...

It is an urgent requirement of the present generation, but no one actually is attentive enough, in the same to acknowledge their own need.

I hope they learn their lesson before their time runs out...
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