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Sometimes I don't Understand.........

One day early in the morning while I was going for some work , I found a very old man about 70 or 75 years of age pulling a rickshaw . The pain and burden of his work was very easily visible in his body language . His eyes were full of water as if they were longing and starving for rest and peace. His knees were not able to bend properly to pull the heavy rickshaw. His hands were shivering as if he was not having the strength left to perform the task. But he doesn't have any option other than this so he was pulling his almost dead life just to breathe....

But the story does not end on this uncle only , every day i see an uncle sitting at the metro station and asking for money because he is too old to do any thing other than that . Some people passing by give one rupees or two rupees coin and some does not even bother whether some one is there or not...and uncle keeps on waiting for someone who will stop to give him some money or food to it..........And the story still does not ends here .....There are thousands and lakhs of these kind of old aged uncles and aunts..
I myself daily see these kind of people...and I get totally hurt by seeing their pain . Just think for a while that we could only imagine that pain but these people ..they bear that pain daily at every second of their life..There is no festival for these people because they are all alone . When other people like me and you celebrate and have fun with our family, these people struggle for getting food for one holi , no diwali , no new year ever happens to them...At that moment , a question comes into my mind that why that uncle or any one of them are supposed to do this??? At different stages of life , we  have some specific task to perform . These people must be having their children who must be young enough to work and earn ..or in case they are not having their family members with him...then why can't we the other people can help these people..and its not only about these two uncles..there are thousands and lakhs of people like these uncles ...if each one of us do a little for these people then it might be possible that we will be able to bring smile on their faces....which  they have not done for past many years.....a life lived for others is worth.....

Try to see your parents in every old aged person, then it might be possible that we would be able to spread happiness in their dim life.....We all get so much busy in our life and career that we forget that our parents are getting older.....

PARENTS.....they don't leave you when you were don't leave them when they are old...

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