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Chirkut is a Hindi slang that has a variety of meanings- imbecile, stupid, miser, impetuous, idiot or non-classy that's what u found the meaning, when u do Google .

Here we welcome you to this chirkut blog or the blog of chirkuts or can say idiots.

"Who understands life, who understands how to live, whose better know what he/she is, what's inside you, what are you from outside ?", nobody knows all the answers of these questions, we the people of this earth are somehow idiots or chirkuts. So that's why we made this blog to show our chirkutness or our chirkut thoughts.

This Blog is not based on some particular topic, We have just made it to share our thoughts so that we will just pen them down. Anyone of you can also publish your posts or can show your chirkutness here just contact us by filling contact details, we will post your write-ups or it might be possible that we will allow you to yourself publish your write-ups on Chirkut blog.

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I promise, if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it !!
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