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God Means A Flow Of Positive Energy....

People say there is a hope, there is a prayer and if u pray to god, he will surely help you and you can do anything but If you think logically u will see god means something full of positive energy and we along with our god makes it to 100% energy and if we think negative we are reducing our positive energy and somehow other positive energies try to cancel your negative energy.

What if your negative energy reaches upto your maximum level then what will happens it will definitely be the end of your life. But if you think everything in a very positive manner u will see the things differently u will see positivity in your life.

Let me give you an example.......

What is prayer means to you?A prayer in which your 100% belief, your hope is in front of god. You are believing in your god that he/she will help you to do your things in a proper manner...but think again logically what you are doing when you are doing your are developing more positive energy inside you which directly or indirectly will help you to complete your work and you think its your god who helps you...What I wants to say is that its always you who will turn your decisions or your dreams into reality just by thinking positive in every situation. Yes sometimes thinking positively to every situation doesn't help you right, so what happened? Nothing somethings take time you have to wait and think positive that's what you can do....

Where I was, yeah I was telling you about 100% energy.....we all are part of that energy....when we die this energy will convert into other newborn on the same time. Yeah this is part of nature energy converts into one form to another but it always remains 100%. Simply why we do yoga, why we meditate, and we also heard that in our ancient times our "rishi-munni" spend so many years in meditation, meditation of what, is that meditation of god or they are trying to remove their negative thoughts and creates positivity around them. But in the end when they understood that positivity, simply they understood god, because everything was changed for them whether their attitude or their behavior towards people.

Or if I am wrong about this positive energy, so just put up your mobile and earphones and play your best song, see what type of energy do you enjoy most from music? How does your favorite song make you feel? Yes you become energized, positive after listening your favorite song.
Just think if everyone thinks positive....there will be positivity everywhere and everyone will live happily. In the end all I want to say-->

"All That We Are, Is The Result Of What We Have Thought. The Mind Is Everything. What We Think We Become."->Buddha

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  1. Well said! But are you not confusing the idea of energy conservation with the spiritual energy part...
    And if god is really just a bundle of positive energy, then according to you, there is no superior being out there, watching out for us?

    1. my dear frnd i am not confusing with my views on god existence , yes i think that there is a bundle of positive energy somewhere, and for you that bundle named as "God",so its like one form or the other, we are on the same side.I am not creating a contradiction here its just like 'what i think', by the way neither you have seen god nor i have seen that positive energy;-). Anyways thanks :D


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