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Dear Zindagi

When we enter this world, we see many people around us but we don't know anyone. The one who is born cries and everyone else present there laughs. I still did't understood why we cry when we are born. Let's let it go. So, what is 'zindagi'. Is it about achieving aims or or just letting it to go with the flow or about living for others or for self. It is what you take it to be. Actually I think its about everything, The combination of all these is what called as 'zindagi'.

Time goes on passing and we just spend it and don't live it.If someone would suddenly ask me what was the last time when I really expressed my feelings or when I cried when I felt to cry or when I laughed?? all these questions strike through my mind and my heart.

Sometimes we are not able to show what we are really feeling but the bad part is that we are just judged by our behaviour. But is it right to judge someone just based on his behaviour because it might be possible that at that time the person might be in some personal problem or something else. 

Life is uncertain. Sometimes things get screwed up. While many of us are struggling to achieve our dreams, there are so many who are yet to find it. Some are not able to find it in their entire life and some get to know it at very early stage of their life. On our failure or some problem, we feel ashamed to cry because we think that others will make fun of us, but did those others ever come to wipe your tears or to ask you from what are you suffering, then why not to express fully what we are feeling, why not to cry when we feel to so that we could also smile to its fullest.

Life is not always easy but we should cry when you want to and should laugh when you need to.When all the nights get darker, a single ray of sunshine can enlighten your path. Many times we are unable to find answers to many of our questions and we start to think that we are not capable of but the truth is that we should have enough patience to search for those answers. Zindagi is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent is how you respond to it. The steps of the journey might be difficult but we should not feel disheartened because the view from the top will be very beautiful. We all are here for a purpose, we should atleast give our best to achieve that. You cannot get everything at the same time, so its better to be at a place and enjoy its beauty rather than thinking about those things or those places that you can't get at that time.

We are always confused about everything like whom to make friends, which course to go for ,which job to opt and the most important is to select your life partner. We should stop for a while and think about what you really want because "you are the teacher of your own school of life".
When it comes to select a path that will lead us to our dream or goal and if that path is too difficult and we are not ready to face those difficulties then its better to choose the easy path because one day that path will take you to your dreams.
Don't let the past to blackmail your present to ruin your future.
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In today’s Indian society, if a girl wears short skirts then she is assumed to be shameless. A 6 inches gap between blouse and petticoat is termed as a traditional wear but a 2 inches gap between top and trouser is termed as shameless. After more than 60 years of Independence, is this the way  where we are proceeding?

I think we should have a clear view of the norms of “great civilization” that our society perceives and  what it really is.
Many of us don’t know the fact that during the age of Lord Krishna, the gopis’ used to bath naked in  Yamuna river as it was not regarded as undisguised. In today’s era, if even if an actress has to wear a  bikini for a shoot, then it becomes a breaking news. A common girl can’t even think of wearing a  shorts and skirts, otherwise she will be regarded as inviting the devils to rape her.
Another huge word - Virginity and Premarital Sex. If anyone around you talks about these words, our  first thought would be, ”how shameless is he”.  But why, is talking about that thing in day that  everyone does at night is nauseous.The rishi Ved Vyas who has written Mahabharata was born by the  premarital sex between Rishi Parashar and Satyavati, who later married King Shantanu.
In some castes, I am using “castes” here because we the Indians are still bounded by this debris. In  some parts of India, there is a traditional of having marriages among cousins. This means suddenly  your first cousin might become your husband or your wife. Suddenly, all the relationships get  messed up. This trend was not followed and was opposed in ancient times.
A well known example of Draupadi who had 5 husbands and Padu who had 2 wives was not considered as a distress. But at today’s time, it is not followed. I am not saying that this  was right at  their part, but it is a fact that if a woman has her second marriage due to any   reason, then she has to  face the cruel and scorn behaviour of the society and this is not same with men. If a man have his  second marriage , then also the girl is blamed for that.
Lets talk about Intercaste Marriage. Now this is something that has become the reason of many  deaths of lovers. In India, intercaste marriage is considered a crime and if someone does it, then  either they are killed  or are boycotted by the family and society. While if we talk about ancient time,at  that time Intercaste  marriages has happened. King Shantanu who was a Kshatariya married a  fisherman’s daughter Satyavati.

A new trend of Kundali matching, which people thing would flourish the marriage, actually completely destroys it. Having marriage with a person whom you like or with person with whom your kundli matches.  What would you select? In ancient time, marriages were not held based upon kundlis still they werwere very  successful. Lord Ram married Sita just by breaking the arrow and not by matching Kundlis.

Love marriage and arrange marriage, this is something which is really a cause to be discussed and  understood. Our today’s society is considered to be modern and civilised. But still many lovers are  killed or boycotted by their families and society. Love marriage is considered to be a sin and a  shameful act. Arrange marriages are regarded as good because it is done within the so-called “castes” by the parents. What really matters for you, that you are marrying a person of your caste, or  you are marrying a person with whom you will always live a happy life whether he or she is of your  caste or not?

God gives birth to everyone as a special individual without imprinting the label of a specific caste onto his  body. So if god has not created any difference then who are we to divide his children into castes? And the  most shocking thing is that the girl has to change her surname after marriage it means she does not have  here personal existence. Before marriage she is known by her father’s name and after marriage by his  husband’s name , so where does she exists as an individual,There are lot more things that are really shameful and are needed to be changed. But we have to start from one thing if we really want to mark ourselves as modern and civilized.
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Each night when we sleep, we travel in a world of dreams and illusions. Some says that the dreams come to be true or we can say that the illusionistic world has come into reality.Illusion is nothing more than deceptive impressions or appearances. Most of us has an illusion of “self”.The whole day the work we perceive, the thoughts that comes into our mind and each and everything shows our internal soul how the way we are.All these gets collected into our mind and at night when we go to sleep, we try to get the things that we are not able to get into reality into our illusionary world of dreams. The next morning when we wake up ,we had travelled miles of distances from our world of “self illusion” to the world of reality which makes us conscious. The bright light of the sun, the cold wind blowing, the chirping of the birds and infact the coziness of your partner makes you fell sentient. As the dawn comes ant we feel drowsy,we get down to to awake as what we are. The unfulfilled dreams and desires of ours sits quietly in a corner of our heart and when vigilance grows,we develop the sense of having a past and the idea of “you” emerges. This includes "your joys,your sorrows,your sorrows,your desires,your identity" and this turns into "I: which ultimately turns into "me" in the sub-conscious mind. We start gathering the memories of the past that we want to live again and the plans of future are reformed. We perceive ourselves in a world of illusion until we get the realization that we have to wake up to perform our work.

While we are slept and we get nature's call,we get upon and while going towards washroom,we suddenly see ourselves into the mirror it seems that it is someone else.That else is what some people assume to be "self".But what really is "self".Does it really exist ... well I think it's not.The concept of self is nothing more than a story that our brain tells to itself.The brain creates a narrative illusionary image of being "self" in some part of the sub conscious mind and takes it to the conscious mind where the human develops the feeling of being "self".If we talk about a monitor,it is just a monitor and not a computer system. If we talk a about a mouse,it again is not a computer system, if we talk about CPU,if is again is not a complete computer system.But when we talk about a computer system,all these components automatically comes into existence but computer system as alone is nothing without these components.Same is the case with "self".We , the humans are basically a machine where our organs are the components of the machine.The machine is constituted of a body and there occur changes in body so how could it be self.The machine thinks, feels and all these are subjected to change.So without all these components how we could speak about the word "self".So self is just a story and it is "you" whatever happens in your brain .


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Story of Scorpio and Frog

Once upon a time, a Scorpio and a Frog were standing on the bank of a river.The Scorpio was thinking that how he will be able to cross the river.Suddenly, the frog asked Scorpio to sit on his back and he will help him to cross the river. The Scorpio agreed upon it and they both started towards crossing the river.
While they were in between the river, suddenly Scorpio stung the frog on his neck.They both started to sink and the frog said to Scorpio,"Why you sting me ,you are also sinking with me".
Scorpio replied,"Buddy,don't put a question on my friendship but you know it's my nature to sting".

The moral of the story is that the basic nature of living beings does not change. Inspite of knowing that the Scorpio might harm him,the frog helped him because being helpful was his nature and the Scorpio instead of being thankful to the frog ,sting him because harming others was his nature.
So,we should just keep on doing good with others and should not be like if someone is doing wrong with you then you will respond in the same tone,then what will be the difference between you and him.
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One friend said,"I have written a story.Would you like to listen to it?" His friend replied,"Oh,why not.I know you are very good at it.Please start.I am eager to listen from you." The first friend said that this time you will tell me the moral of my story.The other friend agreed and he started narrating the story to him.

He said,"Once upon a time,there was a poor man.He begged all day so that he could have bread and butter for himself and for his wife.One day, an old man came and held him a cup instead of one or two rupee.The beggar said I don't want this,What do will I do of it. The old man replied very softly,"My child,this is not just a cup,it is a magical cup that will change your life.I won't tell you about its magic,you yourself had to find it."And saying this,the old man left.The beggar took the cup at his place and showed it to his wife.His wife said,"we already do not have anything.Might be this cup will do something to us that we never have expected of."The beggar used to take cup into his hand daily to find out for its magic.One day,when he got nothing to buy bread and butter,he took the magical cup into his hands and the drops of tears that were falling from his eyes got into the cup.Within few seconds,the drops of his tears transformed into pearls.He got to know that this was the magic that the old man was talking about.

Now,he started thinking about the quickest way to get numerous pearls.And to a sudden shock,one day he was sitting on a mountain of pearls with a bloody knife in his hands and his dead wife in his arms.
Suddenly,his friend interrupted,"So he killed her so that he could cry and get rich?"
Friend friend,"Yes,you got it so quickly."
His friend,"but he could have just smelt an onion instead."

And this way the story ended.But it caused me to stop and think for a moment."Why we humans become so desperate to get what we want that we even doesn't care about the lives of our near and dear ones," 
His wife loved him more than anything else and he killed her to be happy forever.Now,would he ever be happy again just with the materialistic happiness.....


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Death-a word that fears everyone. When we are born in this world,we by default get into many relations like being a son,daughter,brother,sister,niece,nephew and many more. As we grow up with these relations,we get attached with the people and indulge into more and more relations like friends,best friends,boyfriends/girlfriends and thus getting more and more attached with the fallacious world. We start living for those whom we love. Everything goes into its perfect pace. The world seems to be very delightful when you love others and are being loved by them. You do not fear of anything what will happen the next moment and do not even bother about it.

And suddenly you realise that something has happened to you due to which slowly and steadily you are heading towards death-the word that puts an end to everything. How will you react although you are not sure about the results but still you have the image that has been set in your mind. Now you start fearing about everything and every second seems like you never know what would happen in the next moment.At that time ,everything seems to be darker as if all the colours have changed their way and do not want to come to you.You start feeling very depressed,although you keep a smile on your face in front of others but from inside you are dying every second with the fear of being dead.It is more harsh than than actually being dead.

But is it correct to die every second before you actually die.No,not at all.All human beings are mortal and one day all of us will be just a memory in someone's mind and nothing more than that.So,when the ultimate stage is death for all,then why should you fear about it.Its also a part of your life.God sends us to this planet Earth to perform some specific tasks and when they are over,he calls us back to himself .Its just a cycle that is followed,when one will go then only the other one will come.So,instead of being afraid of death or the ultimate consequence,we should be happy being what we are and should keep on performing our roles or responsibilities for what we have been sent here.
There is a very good shayari, "Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta", but you can definitely reciprocate it by your will power.

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Love vs Ego

When I was surfing through the net , i got this story so i think i should share here, because sometimes we need a motivation whether the situation can be anything.


Once there was an island where all the feelings lived together.

One day there came a cyclone and the island was about to drown.

Every feeling was scared but Love made a boat to escape.

All the feelings jumped in the boat except for one feeling.

Love got down to see who it was,it was Ego!

Love tried every possible way but Ego didn’t even take a single step forward.

Everyone asked Love to leave Ego and come in the boat but Love was meant to Love.

It remained with Ego.

All other feelings were left alive but Love died because of Ego!!!

Think over it…

#Thoughtforaday #PositiveThinking #Innervoice
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My best Childhood Games and May be yours too

Some memories you cant change, they are like stick with you forever. Just like that our childhood and its games stick with us forever, yeah we dont have time to play them now but you can teach someone or your child to play these games, it costs you nothing but gives someone a beautiful smile.

Gully Cricket
  • First ball rule: Try Ball 
  • You hit any glass you are out
  • Outside out
  • Lost Ball 
  • Dead Ball Rule 
  • Six out
  • One tip one hand 
  • 3 miss rule
Maram Pitti
Maram pitti_ChirkutBlog

  • Only for brave kids :P
  • Not hit on head
  • Ball can be of rubber or plastic,uff
  • Run within the particular boundaries


  • I know its a girl's game but you know we all love to play with girls :P
  • Awesome Timepass of afternoon or in evening too
  • Also Known as Chindro (Kidi kada)
  • Cannot stand on two foot
  • Take the stone upto the end.
Chupan Chupai (Hide & Seek) 


  • One player have to find another players.
  • If someone said "Dhapa", player had to do that again.
Kanche (Marbles)


  • Popular , fully timepass ,
  • Kali-Jota, kali means odd , jota means even 
  • Indians are champions in this game.

Pithoo Gram
  • So much fun with flat 7 stones and one tennis ball
  • Hit and run
  • Strategy,planning,running , it covers all the aspects of true gamer.

Chain Chain

  • Catching a Last guy is fun
  • Hard to change directions when chain becomes long
  • Unity haha

Gilli Danda
Gilli Danda_ChirkutBlog
  • Mostly played in the rural areas and small towns ,and believe me they are the best
  • This game requires remarkable hand eye co-ordination and a perfect thrower to make you out
  • No boundaries for this game
Latoo (Top)
  • Very hard to learn and after learnt very easy to play
  • Some people do so many tricks like they use rope to lift the spinning top.
#ChildhoodMemories #Happiness #Games
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