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Have You Made A Wish Like This ?

A Situation Happened With Me In Just 15 Seconds, Try To Imagine The Scene:

It was a rainy weather, and the speed of rain was slow like dheeme dheeme, I was coming with my father after taking medicines and suddenly somethings changed when I enter into that street, it was so dirty and there was water everywhere. There is a famous saying "Kuch acha hone wala ho toh uski shuruvat bhi kisi Bekar kaam se hoti hai" and perhaps this was reason or beginning of something bad about to happen.

Speed of a bike was slow and with that speed everything came in slow motion, ek aunty aage chal rahi thi...unhone dheere se piche mudke dekha aur me unhe dekh raha hu and we just crossed her, then second aunty with same scary eyes watching me, and i turn my face to opposite side and saw a uncle was also giving me same reaction. It seems like everyone is dead around you, they are like zombies for me and they are trying to tell us something that we were going on wrong way, there was peace out and we know that "peace before storm". In a meanwhile we take turn and what i saw " A sky-blue dress with side bag and umbrella, trying to save herself from that water and rain, So cute, hair lock are trying to play with the face.". I saw her and made a wish on that moment "somebody please give her a lift, she has no right to walk in this dirty water, God help her please " and I just crossed her.

Everything starts again in its original speed, everything becomes normal again and I was wandering what the hell just happened, and fortunately there was nothing bad happened and came back home safely.

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