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  1. Almost each one of us dreams once in 90 minutes, and the longest dream of 30-45 minutes could occur in the morning.

  2. Dreaming helps you to learn more and more.
  3. Men are famous for having orgasms in dreams. Women can also have the feeling of orgasm in their dreams.
  4. An average person dreams about 1,460 times in a year.
  5. Neptune is considered as the ‘Planet of Dreams’. Water represents the depth of emotional level of humans. Dreams wraps the level of unconsciousness and takes us into another world.
  6. Nightmares occurring again and again have some underlying message in them.
  7. Dreams can be controlled. This fact was displayed in the movie ‘Inception’ but according to a survey of 3000 people, it has been found that lucid dreaming amplifies the ability to learn from the state of dreaming.
  8. You can dream at any place, being asleep is not mandatory.
  9. Childhood dreams are shorter than adult dreams.
Enjoy Your Dreams :-)
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She is.....

She is a geeky, I am Classy.
She is Rachel, I am Ross.
She is Sensitive, I am funny.
She is elegant, I am clumsy.
She is superstitious, I am not.
She is kind, I take my time.
She is a introvert, I am an extrovert.
She can stay home, I can roam around the city all day long.
She likes Ranbir Kapoor, I like Rishi Kapoor.
She likes cricket, I love cricket.
She likes jokes, I make jokes.
She is hygiene freak, I throw my towel on the floor.
She is Monica, I am Chandler.
She likes to sing in the Slowest tone, I love to sing in the weirdest way possible.
She is innocent, I am little bit freak.
She is kind, I am bloody wild.
She is Hug lover, I am sex lover.
She is a chatter box, I am a good listener.
She loves long drive, I love to drive.
She is supercute, I am …lets skip this ;)
She is right,well that's it - she is always right.
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Once a little girl was very curious to meet god. She has always heard that god loves children alot so she was sure that god would definitely meet her. So she decided to set towards the journey to meet god. Since she knew that the journey was long so she packed her bag putting in some choco pies and fruit juice. She said bye to her mom and set towards her journey.
In her way, she found an old man sitting all alone in a garden and staring at the birds around. He was seeming as he was very upset and tired with his life. The girl got near and sat next to him. The girl felt thirsty so she opened her bag and decided to drink the fruit juice. But suddenly she noticed that the old man was feeling hungry, so she offered him fruit juice. the old man accepted it and after drinking gave her a beautiful smile. The girl was completely moved by his smile as if the whole world was filled with happiness. The girl wanted to see him smiling again so she offered him a piece of choco pie. The old man again accepted it and again gave a beautiful smile to her. His smile was full of calmness and love. The girl didn't moved anywhere and they both spent their entire day sitting there, eating and drinking. But none of them spoke a single word.

As the dawn was about to happen, the girl realised that it was the time to go. So she packed her bag and got up to leave. Before she had gone a few more steps, she turned back to the old man, ran to him and gave him a hug. The old man gave her the biggest smile ever that was full of affection. The girl was delighted by it.
When she reached her house and opened the door, her mother asked her, "What did you do today that made you so happy?". The little girl replied,"Today I had lunch with god". Before her mother could ask anything more, the girl added,"You know what mom, he had got the most beautiful smile I have ever seen."
The same way,the old man, full of joy, returned to his home.His son was stupefied by seeing the peace and joy at his father's face.He asked him, "Papa,what did you do today that made you so happy and gave you so much peace?" The old man replied calmly,"Today I ate choco pie in the park with God." But before his son could say anything more, he added, "You know, she is much younger than I expected."

So, the aim of telling this story was that "God is everywhere. We just need to share our happiness with others to make them smile and to feel him."
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The life has both the bright and dark sides. When life enters into a tunnel, its not only the darkness but the fear of being darker. Each one of us is suffering by our own destiny. Stucked into the mid of the tunnel, we are not able to find a single ray of light. Slowly and steadily we slip into the hole of confusion where our fear and pain overshadows us. It marks hard to live the life and many chooses the path of death…that many of us take. But the truth is that daily we are living a death, it is not the final stage but we face it daily. Staying alive is not enough. The ego of ours cuts our life layer by layer and we die daily even before actually leaving this earth and proving our immortality. We travel from hell to heaven, move likes ashes around and have no existence even when we really exist. There it feels like we are breathing in a completely different air, where every touch is much different.

But is it? Are we really leading a life? No, we are just spending time and not living it. Happiness is all about spending each moment as its your last and living it to its fullest. The dark nights of the soul search for the stars to fall so that they could make a wish. The wish may or may not get fulfilled but its failure traps us deep into the darker parts. The journey of dark night of the soul is where we learn who we are, without other people telling us. Not to want something that you want is impossible. Try to cross the tunnel to see its brighter side. The dark nights are the period of transformation of our self from the one that has been away to the one that we want to be. Sometimes to heal the wound, we have to travel into the dark night of the soul. Those who face the dark night of the soul unveil the truth that others don't understand.

Only those who are willing to walk through the dark nights will be able to see the beauty of the moon and the brilliance of the stars.
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