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Unspoken Words


Koi chahe naa chahe ankaha ho jaaye,
Koi chahe na chahe ansuna ho jaaye,

Sometime a phase comes into my life where I am not able to share and express my thoughts,my feelings and my dreams with anyone around me. Its not like that I don't have friends or the near and dear ones with whom I can share our lives,its like just at that point of time I feel like no one will really understand the real conditions or I must ,say the real state of my mind that I are going through. Might be possible that I am not right in thinking in this manner.But life makes you to behave differently in different situations.

Its like that everything around me is moving with turtle's pace and suddenly I dissipate into my own world,the world which I have always dreamt of, a place where I am being listened by someone without my even speaking a word, a place where I am listening to someone without listening an word from the other side, a place where there is a power which does makes true the untold words and doe makes the never listened words to exist in reality.Does all this ever happens?? Is it just a fantasy or the truth?? Will this ever happen that beyond all the boundaries and all the limits,my dreams will change into reality and all my unspoken and untold words will be listened by someone and will become the actuality.......???????

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