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The Mess


Have you ever met someone that you really really hate just because they are too shy to talk but you think they are just treating you like crap and they end up being arrogant. But then you knew them and you realize they are pretty damn good. We always judge people for what they look from outside not from inside and that’s the problem.

Well it’s just weird that you like some people and you want things to happen but that just can’t happen. May be because we are too afraid that we might lose the thing we have now or may be we know its gonna be huge and real that brings shit out of us. Either you want this thing too much or the coming thing scared the hell out of you .In the end it’s a whole lot of mess. And who likes mess?

(there is always a ‘but’ so here it is )

But it’s lame when life is clear and simple. This mess brings out all the emotions like an energy drink. We like to be high and exhausted same time. It’s like riding a roller coaster, You wait desperately to ride on it. It brings crap out of you when you are riding it and then you are exhausted but when ride is going to end it makes you sad that’s it is going end soon and you wanna ride it again. Because It is exciting to be exciting.

Life is this roller coaster, It has ups and downs (yeah that’s a quote we all read in some fb page ) and we gotta pull our shit together and enjoy this ride.

Life is better as Messy. Right! I bet yes is your answer. So have courage and Do some crazy shit. Whether its new girl/boy or your job interview or something you wanna achieve or wanna try.Give it a try because if this thing scared you , this thing is worth a try. You don’t know until you do it.Be crazy and makes it even crazier. Lame is goner.

(Well we all know, what I started and where I’m ending. Just read it and get over it. This is my mess and I’m trying to process it )

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