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Sex Education- Replace An Empty Mind With An Open One

Why are we so scared of talking about sex? What kind of logics the parents give to their children to avoid talking about this topic because they think that if id dirt and embarassing to talk about "sex" and its issues with their children.

There are many misconceptions surrounding sex education in India.

Many parents say that "Sex education is not for my child… it makes them to be sanctioned towards having sex at the early stages of their life."

Children are naturally curious about sex. Stopping them or refusing to answer their questions make them to find other ways to fulfill their curiosity. They ask their friends, or watch movies and videos or search on the internet regarding it. It leads to half-baked knowledge that is very dangerous for them. It raises many adulthood doubts in their mind. Some of the questions are:
If a boy and a girl sleep on the same bed, will it cause pregnancy?
Does swallowing during oral sex causes pregnancy?
If a boy and a girl kiss each other, does they loose their virginity?
Does watching porn videos can make me pregnant?
and many more questions like this. the result is they try to find out answers to these questions through the untrusted ways and a misguided that can even ruin their life.

Many of us have given the suggestion that, "If we ban sex education, our children will never find out about it, and this will solve all our problems."

Sex education is not aimed to teach children how to have sex at the early stage of their life. It is concerned with making them aware of the physiological, social and biological aspects to lead healthy and safe sex, life in their future. It teaches that gender identity, physical changes, awareness about child abuse, birth control measures, and prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

We the people of India very strongly believe that "Sex education is only needed in the West, where they have all these silly problems like teen pregnancy and child abuse. We in India, with all our moral values, culture, and traditions don’t need it."

Woww, what the moral values, tradition and culture has given us. India is the second most populated country in the world, has the highest rate of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS infection, and the most shocking part is we have the highest rate of sexual abuse among children and adults. What moral values, awesome. All these are caused due to stopping the youth to know about their bodies, their urges which forces them to find other ways to know it. Our culture does not prevent rapes or our tradition does not educate about the health issues to the youth and the consequences of early pregnancy.

Parents have the best excuse, "Sex is an adult topic. Everyone get to know about it after their marriage. Teaching sex education can corrupt the life of their children."
Shockingly, 53% of the teens of India that too between the age of 5 to 12 are subjected to sexual abuse. Our culture and moral teaches us to be silent on these topics and not to speak a single word just let it happen what is happening because it is shameful if you will talk about sexual abuse with your elders. The most sad part is many of the children don't even know that they are being sexually abused and their life is ruined everyday.

Most of us have only this to say, "Teaching children about sex will only cause them to have more sex. Sex education is the reason behind teen pregnancy."
In India, there are 62 teenage pregnancy out of every 1000 pregnant women, which is double that of US, 3 times that of UK and to the mercy of our moral values, culture and traditions, the highest in the world. Why? Because 18% of the girls are married before the age of 15 and 47% of the girls are married before the age of 18. Our elders should accept the truth that teenage pregnancy is not a "Western Import", we only are responsible for it, the orthodox thinking of our society, the out-dated and deadly practices, the complete lack of awareness of the bodily functions, sexual choices, birth control and contraceptive measures.

Its high time now to remove the dirt from our eyes and see the truth. If the parents will refuse to their children to talk about sex and the related issues, they won't stop and will find other ways to complete their curiosity. Half-baked, incorrect knowledge about sex can be dangerous. Would you like your children to be unaware, instead of enabling them to make the right choices and live safer, happier and healthier lives?

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Valentine Day- True or False??

Valentine’s Day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Celebrated on 14th of February every year, it originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honouring saints. 

On this day, flowers, gifts are exchanged between loved ones. There are many stories related with the reason to celebrate this day. The Catholic Church recognised three saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One among them, an imprisioned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl - possibly the jailor’s daughter. Before his death, it is believed that he wrote a letter to the girl with his initials as “from your Valentine” to express his love and the trend continued to be the most romantic way of expressing love.

On this day, it is said that if you really love someone then you can express your love to him or her and he or she won’t say you no. It is day when there is love all around in the air. People wear red coloured dresses to express love. To have the celebration of love, a complete week has been dedicated to love. The lovers search for more and more romantic ideas to propose their partner and to make this day as a memorable day. The best way is to give a red rose to the one you love. People arrange surprises, candle light dinner, beautiful gifts for their loved ones and all these go on the whole day.

But what I feel is why only one day to celebrate love? Every day is Valentine day when you are with your loved one. I fell every second priviledged when I am with the one who I love the most. If you truly love someone, then why to wait for one day or choose only one day to express it. You should express it at every moment you had a chance to do it because “Love and care” is the only thing in the world that should be expressed by your actions and emotions rather than shouting out loud. It is the most wonderful feeling that even can’t be expressed in words.

Love is just love, it can never be explained.

But as I see, today’s generation had really made a fun of love and care. Today, people make boyfriend’s and girlfriends’ as a symbol of status that is if you have a gf or a bf then you are a hero. They are not really attached with each other, it is just like they are just having fun, having sex and after that they just leave each other as nothing ever happened and happily move on with someone other and again the same process is repeated. They have made a fun of love and feelings. For them, its only a kind of one night stand and when the night is over, their paths are completely separated without any guilt of insulting the most purest feeling in the world.

Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love makes the ride.

Money can buy everything, but it can’t make someone to love the other person. It’s the feeling that is built itself from the heart and it is just like that when ever you see the one and get to know more about that person who get more and more attached to that person and that attachment can’t be made forcefully . 

Love is the canvas furnished by nature and embrioded by imagination.
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HE IS....

His eyes have ocean in them, full of untold stories
Dwelling of his self-made theories.

Storms faced and battles fought,
He was always ready to taught.
He has hidden truths in his heart,
That were not allowed to fall apart.
He always had his unique opinions,
That are always genuine.
His way of loving is quite different
He tries to find positive that makes him expectant.
He never says anything until asked,
But his unsaid words tells everything to those who so ever steadfast.

Threatened by the tears that he always hold,
His eyes speak the stories untold.
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Dancing with the moon
Romancing with the sky,
She was wondering around
To find a way to fly.

But alas, She had no forever
Her love was about to end,
Everyone around her started to question
And she had no one with her to defend.

That day marked the end of her prestige
Her personality was about to lease,
The sky was crying to loose his love
Their relationship was about to seize.

Abridged to heat and magma
She was about to leave the sky,
The sky was fighting hard to stop her
But she had already said goodbye.
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What's happiness means? How do you feel when you get to eat your favorite food item, or when you are going out with your friends to watch a movie of your favorite actor, or when you meet your best friend after a long time, or when you achieve something for which you were waiting from a long time. All these moments bring a beautiful smile at your face and that smile is not the fake one, it totally real and comes directly from your heart. Its like you were walking all alone in your thoughts might be day dreaming also, waiting for some miracle to happen and suddenly everyone and everything around you starts to work in the way that you have assumed it to be that it brings a huge smile to your face. That moment and that happiness can't be expressed in words, it can only be felt.

Some people have all the reasons to be happy but still their inner boundations doesn't allow them to enjoy that happiness. There are also who have no reason to smile but their strong will of being happy makes them to find millions of reasons to smile. When the sun sets, its not the end, but the beginning of a new story and a new morning. Its a psychological fact famously known as the "Law of Attraction" that if you will think positive and speak positive then it goes into the surroundings and bounces back to you and same applies with negative thoughts. So it depends on the person how he or she proceeds with his or her thought process because ultimately his vibes whether positive or negative bounces back to him.

If you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your diya and peace in your heart then you are the richest person, but if you don't have it and are chasing to have it then no one can stop you from getting it. Its not like that obstacles doesn't comes in path or everything seems to be very easy, but its how you take those obstacles, as the restrictions or the frictional force that is opposing you to achieve something or you are taking as a challenge and are welcoming it to have a tough and successful fight with it.We should stay calm and think what we are doing in the past time that made us happy and what can we do in our present that will make us happy and positive towards life.

Be happy not because everything is good but because you can see good in everything.

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