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Time-The Fire In Which We Burn

How do you feel when you have nothing to do except one thing,that is waiting. How difficult it is when everything around you becomes silent or it is that you do not want to listen to anything because you want to remain in your "world of silence".
And this is not usual, there is a reason behind this and that resides deep inside your heart, pinching you each second.

Everything around you becomes still and inactive as if time have stopped at a moment or it is that you don't want the time to move forward and you are holding those moments in your heart and eyes with an assumption that nothing around you is active.The whole world around you seems to have stopped at the moment where you were left alone.You create a world of your own in which the time has become still as if you are not allowing it to move forward because you do not want to face the harsh 
reality.But is there any way to hold the time at the moment you want it to . A big "NO".It is a saying that "Time and tide waits for none", but why Actually the truth is that time does not wait for anyone,but we hope for someone and wait for him which the passing time.The time keeps on going on and on...and same is the wait,it also goes on from 1 day to 2 days and so on.Time sometimes make you feel that you are not required any more by someone.Why because the time when you were required has passed or the time which is coming does not require you. This all is a muddle and I am falling in it.....

Time flies over us,but leaves it shadows behind....

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Everyone of us have that one special person in our life with whom we share every minute things. There are no secrets between you and you are an open book in front of him.You used to talk endlessly,even if you have nothing to talk about , still you used to have nonsense talks.

And suddenly one day,that special person asks you not to talk to him. A condition where you are just respiring and not breathing, no happiness, nothing left, you can do nothing-nothing.....
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What's meant to be,will always find a way..Is it true??

Life is a journey.There are several ups and downs.At some moment , we have all the happiness of the world and at the other moment,something bad happens and we feel depressed and low.When we are in a bad situation , all what happens is that our mind is occupied by negative thoughts.The positive energy of our body keeps on decreasing and we become physically,mentally and emotionally very weak.The truth is that what is meant to happen will always find a way for itself,whether it is good or bad.We can only perform our task in the hope that everything will be good.

Say you have a glass in your hand, and it slips – what will you do? Will you try to catch it or let it fall? Most people will try and catch the glass to stop it from breaking and maybe you would to. However, even if you try to catch the glass there is always a chance that it may still fall and break or if you are lucky enough you might stop it from falling either by catching it or by putting your foot in its way. The fact is that your efforts to try and save the glass are there till the very end, until the glass hits the floor and shatters into numerous pieces.
Life is like this. What is meant to be will be but you need to put in the effort until the very end. One cannot live life using this statement as an excuse.

If the great minds of our time used this statement as words to live by, we would not have half or even a quarter of the innovations,inventions, technological advances or medical breakthroughs that we have today.We would be living without electricity and running water.

The end result is predetermined but we don’t know if the result is going to be positive or negative, so our role is to try. If we do not try, then we would not be using our full potential as human beings.

Life is like this. What is meant to be will be but you need to put in the effort until the very end. One cannot live life using this statement as an excuse.

I leave upto you,whether your personal interpretation allow you to believe this that what's meant to be will always find its way....or you just don't have faith on this.
Remember,anyone can love you when the sun is shining,in the storms is where you learn who truly cares for you.
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The Mess

Have you ever met someone that you really really hate just because they are too shy to talk but you think they are just treating you like crap and they end up being arrogant. But then you knew them and you realize they are pretty damn good. We always judge people for what they look from outside not from inside and that’s the problem.

Well it’s just weird that you like some people and you want things to happen but that just can’t happen. May be because we are too afraid that we might lose the thing we have now or may be we know its gonna be huge and real that brings shit out of us. Either you want this thing too much or the coming thing scared the hell out of you .In the end it’s a whole lot of mess. And who likes mess?
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Is Fear Necessary Or Not ?

When we wake up or sleep with a thought of loosing someone,it is fear. When we are scared of death,it is also fear. Is that necessary to give a
corner to this fear in our hearts or Is this the only thing which gives us strength so that we can cross every obstacle in our life ?

What we do, when we are scared from situations ,we ultimately do bad to ourselves. Take an example when you are sitting in front of your Interviewer and you are trembling and thinking,"what will happen next" and the moment the interviewer sees you shaking up..he makes a perception that you are not capable enough.

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Sometimes I don't Understand.........

One day early in the morning while I was going for some work , I found a very old man about 70 or 75 years of age pulling a rickshaw . The pain and burden of his work was very easily visible in his body language . His eyes were full of water as if they were longing and starving for rest and peace. His knees were not able to bend properly to pull the heavy rickshaw. His hands were shivering as if he was not having the strength left to perform the task. But he doesn't have any option other than this so he was pulling his almost dead life just to breathe....

But the story does not end on this uncle only , every day i see an uncle sitting at the metro station and asking for money because he is too old to do any thing other than that . Some people passing by give one rupees or two rupees coin and some does not even bother whether some one is there or not...and uncle keeps on waiting for someone who will stop to give him some money or food to it..........And the story still does not ends here .....There are thousands and lakhs of these kind of old aged uncles and aunts..
I myself daily see these kind of people...and I get totally hurt by seeing their pain . Just think for a while that we could only imagine that pain but these people ..they bear that pain daily at every second of their life..There is no festival for these people because they are all alone . When other people like me and you celebrate and have fun with our family, these people struggle for getting food for one holi , no diwali , no new year ever happens to them...At that moment , a question comes into my mind that why that uncle or any one of them are supposed to do this??? At different stages of life , we  have some specific task to perform . These people must be having their children who must be young enough to work and earn ..or in case they are not having their family members with him...then why can't we the other people can help these people..and its not only about these two uncles..there are thousands and lakhs of people like these uncles ...if each one of us do a little for these people then it might be possible that we will be able to bring smile on their faces....which  they have not done for past many years.....a life lived for others is worth.....

Try to see your parents in every old aged person, then it might be possible that we would be able to spread happiness in their dim life.....We all get so much busy in our life and career that we forget that our parents are getting older.....

PARENTS.....they don't leave you when you were don't leave them when they are old...

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Have You Made A Wish Like This ?

A Situation Happened With Me In Just 15 Seconds, Try To Imagine The Scene:

It was a rainy weather, and the speed of rain was slow like dheeme dheeme, I was coming with my father after taking medicines and suddenly somethings changed when I enter into that street, it was so dirty and there was water everywhere. There is a famous saying "Kuch acha hone wala ho toh uski shuruvat bhi kisi Bekar kaam se hoti hai" and perhaps this was reason or beginning of something bad about to happen.

Speed of a bike was slow and with that speed everything came in slow motion, ek aunty aage chal rahi thi...unhone dheere se piche mudke dekha aur me unhe dekh raha hu and we just crossed her, then second aunty with same scary eyes watching me, and i turn my face to opposite side and saw a uncle was also giving me same reaction. It seems like everyone is dead around you, they are like zombies for me and they are trying to tell us something that we were going on wrong way, there was peace out and we know that "peace before storm". In a meanwhile we take turn and what i saw " A sky-blue dress with side bag and umbrella, trying to save herself from that water and rain, So cute, hair lock are trying to play with the face.". I saw her and made a wish on that moment "somebody please give her a lift, she has no right to walk in this dirty water, God help her please " and I just crossed her.

Everything starts again in its original speed, everything becomes normal again and I was wandering what the hell just happened, and fortunately there was nothing bad happened and came back home safely.

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एक सच्ची कहानी

हमेशा हर किसी की नैय्या तूफ़ान से पार लगाने वाले सेलर मैन की ज़िन्दगी का बड़ा यादगार लम्हा है वो। कहने को कुछ भी नही, पर ज़िन्दगी कुछ की कुछ और भी हो सकती थी। तो,कहानी ऐसी ही एक नाव को घिरे तूफ़ान से निकालने की है।

एक दोस्त हुआ करता था नौवी कक्षा में सेलर मैन का।
उसका दिल आ गया एक लड़की पर। उस लड़की का एक छोटा भाई भी था| यूँ तो भाई लड़की का हमसे छोटा था पर था घणा तेज़।स्कूल का माहौल भी कुछ बदमाशी वाला ही रहा था। वो उस लड़के की अपनी बहन के लिए भावनाएं भाँप गया।

एक दिन जब सेलर मैन अपने दोस्तों के साथ स्कूल से घर जाने के लिए निकला तो हमेशा की तरह वो अपना प्रेमी जोड़ा सड़क के किनारे पटरी पर आगे आगे सबसे अलग बतियाता चल रहा था और सेलर मैन कुछ और दोस्तों के साथ कुछ कदम पीछे।
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