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Is Fear Necessary Or Not ?

When we wake up or sleep with a thought of loosing someone,it is fear. When we are scared of death,it is also fear. Is that necessary to give a
corner to this fear in our hearts or Is this the only thing which gives us strength so that we can cross every obstacle in our life ?

What we do, when we are scared from situations ,we ultimately do bad to ourselves. Take an example when you are sitting in front of your Interviewer and you are trembling and thinking,"what will happen next" and the moment the interviewer sees you shaking up..he makes a perception that you are not capable enough.

Is this necessary to think that what will happen next....??? You can't figure it out, What had been written in your destiny,u will get that much only, neither get pinch less nor get a pinch more.People say don't get scared, if you will get scared, u will not get anything. But I just want to say that fear should be there with you, so that you keep on fighting with that fear every single moment for achievement of your desires and after this ,the outcome will be more fruitful and will give you more happiness.

Taken Positively The Idea Of 'Fear Of Death' Makes You More Calmer And Less Scared Of Certainty Of Death.

When, The reality of life and death, when brought forth face to face, makes you more practical and to think on how to make the Limited time we have on this earth more meaningful, so as to complete the idea of fulfillment of life.The realization of certainty of death alone prepares you to live the life to its fullest.

Greek Philosophy Epicurus Made It Clear: "Why Should I Fear Death? If I Am, Death Is Not. If Death Is,I Am Not. Why Should I Fear That Which Cannot Exist When I Do?".....It Means Start Living Room Welcoming Death.

To have no yesterday and no tomorrow . To forget time, life and be at peace.

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