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The Night She Admits


The Night She Admits
I slammed the door and went to my bedroom. “So f**king irritated!!”,I landed to my bed and cried for whole an hour.I didn't realize when I started dreaming about him.
“hey! Honey, what happened??” he looked worried.
“I’m fine”. Now I have to struggle to hide my tears, crap!
Damn! How he always know without me saying a word.
“No, u r not!, you know me , I  know when your sad and when you’re not. 
Stop hiding and please lemme know what’s troubling you ”  he said.
Gently wrapping me around in  his arms he smiled and so do I. He always know what to say and what to do. He’s so warm and safe, he is home.

“ I’m scared.. “
“ I wont make it ,I know”
“u can do anything when u made ur mind, that’s the thing make me fall for you every time.”
His words always make sense.
He’s gone and so did the better life…my phone ring broke my sweet little dream.
“hey! Is this Honey?” voice from other side.
“yes,this is her.”
“honey you are selected for the position .Congratulations”
“thank you.”
I was not happy even if I got the job. He is not here to celebrate I’m not home anymore. I thought I won’t make it but I was wrong,  I won’t make it without him. He was home which I lost it.
Tears doesn’t fall now .I feel numb .Now I think about it. I should not let him go even though what
he says was all lies.what he did was cheat.He was perfect like a prince but in the end prince become the cheater.

“dear diary
Today I found out Ethan talked to her friend more than he
talked to me. Nowadays he seems to ignore. We fight all the times. We are
falling apart.
I does not understand what he want. I tried tried but I feel
like I’m beginning to fail now.
I don’t wanna  loose him but it does not feel right . He does
not feels the same he used to feel around.
He does not love me anymore and he even don’t know that. ”

Its been 3 years since we broke up. But some part of me stills needs him. But to love someone does not mean they need to be around us.
You love some one like you are freeing them from all the jealousy, anger, sadness and anything that makes them hurt.
Love is the most intense feeling which we can’t understand but feel. Love  hurts and that makes us human.
                                                                                                                               ….to be continue

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