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Mmmmmm...I don't know exactly what i am going to write about. It is just I have heard my friend's view about I want to share it with you all...
So the story starts like this......I am talking about the age of Romio-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha , Mirzaya-Sahiban who dared to love. So what was love for them..was that about only attraction which further leads to romance..and romance further leads to intimacy and after all these are done..both lived happily their lives not together but with new partners?? No , for them love was their life. Once they saw each other,even without knowing each other ,even without talking to each other still they used to have endless talks just by looking into each other's eyes. For them the first thought that came into their mind was just that I want to spend my entire life with him or her..I will live with him and die with him. They never had such thoughts whether I will be happy with him or her,he or she is not of my standard,will I be able to share my entire life with him or her,whether he or she would understand me or not...It was not based on just saying 'I love you' and never feeling it from inside. Rather than saying these few words, they used to express it by their actions and not merely by words.

 Coming to our generation ,or what I should say,the so-  called 'cool and modern' generation. In our generation  ,LOVE is just a word of four alphabets that doesn't  mean more than having fun with sometime for the time  being you are enjoying it and then switching to  someone else. Its like you are trying a cloth how it looks  on you, getting a check on it,if you liked it ,you will  keep it with you and will use use it for a view days and  as the trend will change,you will throw it out of your  wardrobe and will buy a new one. If I talk about how people of our age LOVE , the first thing is the attraction. 

It leads to approaching the one from whom you are being attracted and then having talks ,meetings and all.All these are done with an aim of knowing that person more and more.Here knowing literally doesn't means searching the inner beauty, it means you try to fetch out whether he or she meets your standards of living or not, whether he or she will be able to fulfill all your requirements or needs or not, whether he or she will be able to make you happy or not. After searching out and getting answers to these questions, we decide whether we should love that person or I should say generate love for that person in our heart.What a rubbish thing it is.Love is not a method or procedure that needs to be generated, it is a feeling that comes automatically from deep inside your heart. It is not a product or a grocery item that before buying you need to check upon it whether it is perfectly fine or not.

I will not say that all of us from this modern generation perceive love just as a word of four alphabets. TRUE LOVE REALLY EXISTS. You just need to search for it and tell that to the one whom you loves the most and you will find a new love story that will set an example for all others.


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