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Noise All Around..Silence Inside Me..

Sometimes this happens that everything around you is in motion,everything around you is noisy making huzz and buzz..but deep inside you is just a stream of motion...I myself have felt this...When i entered that place..there were voices coming from every where like if all were shouting ..i knew this from their expressions ..but i was free from the noise ..all d voices seemed to just bypass through my ears because i was in some other world away from all those around me..i was thinking about something i always use to do.

But whenever i got lost in my thoughts i find myself in some other which everything seems so beautiful as if am m flowing in a dream.but then comes the reality which brings me to face the truth...The world of dreams and silence..the world where everything is voices noise..the world where you listen to my each world..where you understand my silence..the world where you are mine without any constraints... But,What to say..actually there is an ocean in my heart ...But more words....
Alone we can do so little..together we can do so much...

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I promise, if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it !!
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