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Why we feel , What we feel????

Why we feel bored sometimes…why we feel sad sometimes..why we feel happy sometimes…why our mood changes….I think this all is because of human nature..We , the humans always want the things to happen the same way we want them to happen.

When it is in the same way,we feel relaxed  and extremely happy because it is going with the flow we wanted it to go with..but when the situations are not in our favor ..we feel sad and hurt..we don’t pay even a single minute attention to find some positive part in that what is not in our favor as we assume it.

But I think, its not like is true that what is not meant for you will not be yours but it is also true that if you won’t give up on might be possible that god will see your dedication and some miracle will happen..As we all listen from our childhood that god helps those who help themselves..its really  true..if you are rich enough that you have lots of items to eat ..but you don’t want to move your hand to take a bite  of it , the food won't get into your mouth , you yourself  have to work for it..God has provided us with  all the resources..its upto us how we search for the hidden ones and how we utilize the ones which are known to us.

We all have some specials in our lives with whom we share all our feelings-happiness, sorrows, boredom ..everything..but sometimes it happens when we are bored or feel depressed ..we don't want to talk to might be because we want to spend some time alone..It might be possible that we are trying to find out the hidden resources which god has gifted us..And this search will continue till our last breadth..that's life all about....At last , i want to stop and let you all think by writing these words said by Albert Einstein....

Life is like riding a bicycle...To keep your balance you must KEEP MOVING.....

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