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   When people were rain,
I was drizzle and he was hurricane.
He is the fly, I am his wings
We both laugh together and swing.
We fight we shout,
Sometimes you and sometimes I am loud.
We love, hope and dream,
But life is not the same as it seems.
Days will come and go.
Our friendship will remain as it is and so.
We both are drifters in our own ways,
“Both were made for each other”, one day everyone will say.
Our needs are less, dreams are big,
Will work together to achieve that thing.
We are separated by body, but connected by heart,
We promise each other to never be apart.
We may swift in and out of love being together or apart,
But we will always stay alive, in each other’s spirit and heart.

A heart has two parts- You and me. 

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