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She is.....

She is a geeky, I am Classy.
She is Rachel, I am Ross.
She is Sensitive, I am funny.
She is elegant, I am clumsy.
She is superstitious, I am not.
She is kind, I take my time.
She is a introvert, I am an extrovert.
She can stay home, I can roam around the city all day long.
She likes Ranbir Kapoor, I like Rishi Kapoor.
She likes cricket, I love cricket.
She likes jokes, I make jokes.
She is hygiene freak, I throw my towel on the floor.
She is Monica, I am Chandler.
She likes to sing in the Slowest tone, I love to sing in the weirdest way possible.
She is innocent, I am little bit freak.
She is kind, I am bloody wild.
She is Hug lover, I am sex lover.
She is a chatter box, I am a good listener.
She loves long drive, I love to drive.
She is supercute, I am …lets skip this ;)
She is right,well that's it - she is always right.

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