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A for Abscised

All of us once or twice or thrice or can’t say how many times go through the process of getting separated or falling off. This separation can be with anyone, our friends, family, love or even with ourselves. The plants abscise its leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits with or without his will because it has to undergo this process which has been made for him. 

The same process applies with us, humans, we get separated with time whatever may be the reason and the bad part is we cannot stop it to happen. Most of the times its not in our control and everything happens so fast that we don’t even get time to understand what is actually happening before what everything just gets destroyed.

Words of love become numb in separation.

When we get a small pinch or when a small nail of our finger gets detached from what it was attached, we get so hurt that sometimes the pain is unbearable. We cannot imagine the pain when we have to get separated from the ones who mean so much in our life. Its like our soul is getting detached from our body after which we are unable to breathe and unable to feel anything. The pain of abscission can never be expressed in words.

Abscission leads to anxiety. Anxiety has become a common problem that most of the people are facing in their personal and professional life. When we keep a pet, we get attached to it. The pet does not have the ability to speak, still he or she understands our expressions, our love for him and expresses his love and affection in his own manner. The moment of abscission does not even leave animals, they also have to go through this pain. They can’t express their pain of separation by speaking some words, but their eyes tell everything. 

Good-byes are painful. Every time we tell someone good-bye, most of the time they are left unexplained. We are left hanging out on to an abyss. The pain of abscission from the near and dear ones leaves us searching for the answers, we try to connect, and keep on getting disappointed.

We never understand how little we need in this world, until we know the loss of it.

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