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B for Belief

Had any one of us has ever seen God or angles? Well I don't think so. We just have a belief that God is everywhere and that he or she is the most powerful and nothing can happen without his wish. But none of us have the exact proof of his existence. We all had listened to the stories told to us by our ancestors who had listened them from their ancestors and this way the story continued.

Belief creates the actual facts.

The fact is what we only have is "belief", that's the only thing in our life that we carry with ourselves anywhere we go in the entire world. Our beliefs are the ones who no one can steal and it belongs only to us. Every relationship continues on the belief that we won't ever betray each other, but none of us are totally confident that it won't happen ever. Our beliefs are very much inspired by our knowledge. Out out-bringing, the surroundings in which we live or the people we meet or whom we feel the most important in our life has a very high impact on our beliefs.

Belief is the magic key that unlocks our dreams.

If we do not have any belief in our mind, then on what basis will we take any actions or think what to do or what not to do or what is right for us and what is not. If we have a belief that we can, then we are halfway there. When we were small children, we used to go to magic shows and found it very amazing and had developed a belief from that time that there is magic indeed and it can happen to us also at any spot of time. We felt very astonished that how this magic could happen and wished that some day we must also be able to do it. 

We all are one, our Egos, beliefs and Fears Separate Us.

To succeed in life, we must have a believe that we can. If we won't be able to believe that we are able to do or achieve something, then no power in the world can make us achieve our dreams. We are born believing. As tree bears beauty, in the same way we humans bear pour beliefs. It is not the way that the day we realize that our beliefs were not correct, we should start cursing ourselves for it, instead we should be strong enough to admit that we were not correct and are lucky enough that we have got another chance to make new beliefs. 

The truth is, "Few really believe. The most only believe that they believe."

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