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R for Random Rimplings

We all have some friendships which are half-neglected. We think that we will always stay connected, but in reality we sometimes stay connected and sometimes disconnected, through space and time.

Facing the wild storms, the harsh reality, the friendship remains deserted, trying to spread its roots in any directions possible without thinking whether it will fade, bloom or nourish.

And then come those relations that fade away because they are put to the test, leaving us helpless and thinking that was it something that we ourselves put into deep well. Its like everything comes to us before its "expiry date" that is to be "enjoyed till it lasts".

The truth is that the world has no time to cry with us when we are feeling sad. But what about the world that we have created for ourselves. What about those few species that surround our world and give us the small believe of a happily ever word. Is is just a creation of our imagination that is meant to smash someday?

Then comes a thought, aren't we being selfish. Selfish by expecting that our friends always stick to us and never leave us. Aren't we being selfish by allowing ourselves to cry alone because they have other important things to cry about. We are being selfish so why are we complaining all the time?

Perhaps, selfishness is worthiness, really!

Perhaps, we should not expect...
Perhaps, we should not complain...
Or maybe, a close friend of mine told me that I think too much...

But then again, old habits die hard, don't they??

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