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In the fast moving life, we have no time for even ourself. If we will stop for some moment and think what all are we missing in our life, we will realise that we have lost the child inside us, the innocence of the childhood has been dumped somewhere deep inside us.

One day while I was feeling very low, I decided to go to the nearby park. There I saw a bunch of kids playing. It was such a great time and treat to watch their innocence. The way they were playing with each other, falling on each other, pulling each other, giggling , they bumped, collided with one another, tried to put mud on each other and jump on each other again and again.

The scene that was created in front of my eyes took me back to the days when I used to be a child. The days when I was unaffected by the wordly norms and the society rules and show-offs, the days when one is hurt only if they fall and grazed their knees or skinned their elbows. The days where just a simple "sorry" made us to forgive everything and never caused any bitterness feeling. The days were full of happiness and the word of complications had not taken their home in our life. The life was simple, happy and uncomplicated..

All these memories gathered in my heart and I just wished that these kids never grow up, atleast not before they had to. Just by sitting there and surrounded by these malevolent minions had set my word in motion again. The spark of curiosity glittered their eyes made a spark in my heart as well. The effervescence of enthusiasm gurgled in their voices. Their cheerfulness was infectious. It had been years since I have experienced that kind of warmth around me- the one that was non-judgemental, the attitude that the world was still at peace. 

And then the time came when I had to leave. I wished that I could take a little of the belief along with me. But something stopped me right then- when I gazed at the setting that I realized that it was getting late. Perhaps, too late.

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