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Dear Zindagi

When we enter this world, we see many people around us but we don't know anyone. The one who is born cries and everyone else present there laughs. I still did't understood why we cry when we are born. Let's let it go. So, what is 'zindagi'. Is it about achieving aims or or just letting it to go with the flow or about living for others or for self. It is what you take it to be. Actually I think its about everything, The combination of all these is what called as 'zindagi'.

Time goes on passing and we just spend it and don't live it.If someone would suddenly ask me what was the last time when I really expressed my feelings or when I cried when I felt to cry or when I laughed?? all these questions strike through my mind and my heart.

Sometimes we are not able to show what we are really feeling but the bad part is that we are just judged by our behaviour. But is it right to judge someone just based on his behaviour because it might be possible that at that time the person might be in some personal problem or something else. 

Life is uncertain. Sometimes things get screwed up. While many of us are struggling to achieve our dreams, there are so many who are yet to find it. Some are not able to find it in their entire life and some get to know it at very early stage of their life. On our failure or some problem, we feel ashamed to cry because we think that others will make fun of us, but did those others ever come to wipe your tears or to ask you from what are you suffering, then why not to express fully what we are feeling, why not to cry when we feel to so that we could also smile to its fullest.

Life is not always easy but we should cry when you want to and should laugh when you need to.When all the nights get darker, a single ray of sunshine can enlighten your path. Many times we are unable to find answers to many of our questions and we start to think that we are not capable of but the truth is that we should have enough patience to search for those answers. Zindagi is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent is how you respond to it. The steps of the journey might be difficult but we should not feel disheartened because the view from the top will be very beautiful. We all are here for a purpose, we should atleast give our best to achieve that. You cannot get everything at the same time, so its better to be at a place and enjoy its beauty rather than thinking about those things or those places that you can't get at that time.

We are always confused about everything like whom to make friends, which course to go for ,which job to opt and the most important is to select your life partner. We should stop for a while and think about what you really want because "you are the teacher of your own school of life".
When it comes to select a path that will lead us to our dream or goal and if that path is too difficult and we are not ready to face those difficulties then its better to choose the easy path because one day that path will take you to your dreams.
Don't let the past to blackmail your present to ruin your future.

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