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The life has both the bright and dark sides. When life enters into a tunnel, its not only the darkness but the fear of being darker. Each one of us is suffering by our own destiny. Stucked into the mid of the tunnel, we are not able to find a single ray of light. Slowly and steadily we slip into the hole of confusion where our fear and pain overshadows us. It marks hard to live the life and many chooses the path of death…that many of us take. But the truth is that daily we are living a death, it is not the final stage but we face it daily. Staying alive is not enough. The ego of ours cuts our life layer by layer and we die daily even before actually leaving this earth and proving our immortality. We travel from hell to heaven, move likes ashes around and have no existence even when we really exist. There it feels like we are breathing in a completely different air, where every touch is much different.

But is it? Are we really leading a life? No, we are just spending time and not living it. Happiness is all about spending each moment as its your last and living it to its fullest. The dark nights of the soul search for the stars to fall so that they could make a wish. The wish may or may not get fulfilled but its failure traps us deep into the darker parts. The journey of dark night of the soul is where we learn who we are, without other people telling us. Not to want something that you want is impossible. Try to cross the tunnel to see its brighter side. The dark nights are the period of transformation of our self from the one that has been away to the one that we want to be. Sometimes to heal the wound, we have to travel into the dark night of the soul. Those who face the dark night of the soul unveil the truth that others don't understand.

Only those who are willing to walk through the dark nights will be able to see the beauty of the moon and the brilliance of the stars.

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