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My best Childhood Games and May be yours too

Some memories you cant change, they are like stick with you forever. Just like that our childhood and its games stick with us forever, yeah we dont have time to play them now but you can teach someone or your child to play these games, it costs you nothing but gives someone a beautiful smile.

Gully Cricket
  • First ball rule: Try Ball 
  • You hit any glass you are out
  • Outside out
  • Lost Ball 
  • Dead Ball Rule 
  • Six out
  • One tip one hand 
  • 3 miss rule
Maram Pitti
Maram pitti_ChirkutBlog

  • Only for brave kids :P
  • Not hit on head
  • Ball can be of rubber or plastic,uff
  • Run within the particular boundaries


  • I know its a girl's game but you know we all love to play with girls :P
  • Awesome Timepass of afternoon or in evening too
  • Also Known as Chindro (Kidi kada)
  • Cannot stand on two foot
  • Take the stone upto the end.
Chupan Chupai (Hide & Seek) 


  • One player have to find another players.
  • If someone said "Dhapa", player had to do that again.
Kanche (Marbles)


  • Popular , fully timepass ,
  • Kali-Jota, kali means odd , jota means even 
  • Indians are champions in this game.

Pithoo Gram
  • So much fun with flat 7 stones and one tennis ball
  • Hit and run
  • Strategy,planning,running , it covers all the aspects of true gamer.

Chain Chain

  • Catching a Last guy is fun
  • Hard to change directions when chain becomes long
  • Unity haha

Gilli Danda
Gilli Danda_ChirkutBlog
  • Mostly played in the rural areas and small towns ,and believe me they are the best
  • This game requires remarkable hand eye co-ordination and a perfect thrower to make you out
  • No boundaries for this game
Latoo (Top)
  • Very hard to learn and after learnt very easy to play
  • Some people do so many tricks like they use rope to lift the spinning top.
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