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One friend said,"I have written a story.Would you like to listen to it?" His friend replied,"Oh,why not.I know you are very good at it.Please start.I am eager to listen from you." The first friend said that this time you will tell me the moral of my story.The other friend agreed and he started narrating the story to him.

He said,"Once upon a time,there was a poor man.He begged all day so that he could have bread and butter for himself and for his wife.One day, an old man came and held him a cup instead of one or two rupee.The beggar said I don't want this,What do will I do of it. The old man replied very softly,"My child,this is not just a cup,it is a magical cup that will change your life.I won't tell you about its magic,you yourself had to find it."And saying this,the old man left.The beggar took the cup at his place and showed it to his wife.His wife said,"we already do not have anything.Might be this cup will do something to us that we never have expected of."The beggar used to take cup into his hand daily to find out for its magic.One day,when he got nothing to buy bread and butter,he took the magical cup into his hands and the drops of tears that were falling from his eyes got into the cup.Within few seconds,the drops of his tears transformed into pearls.He got to know that this was the magic that the old man was talking about.

Now,he started thinking about the quickest way to get numerous pearls.And to a sudden shock,one day he was sitting on a mountain of pearls with a bloody knife in his hands and his dead wife in his arms.
Suddenly,his friend interrupted,"So he killed her so that he could cry and get rich?"
Friend friend,"Yes,you got it so quickly."
His friend,"but he could have just smelt an onion instead."

And this way the story ended.But it caused me to stop and think for a moment."Why we humans become so desperate to get what we want that we even doesn't care about the lives of our near and dear ones," 
His wife loved him more than anything else and he killed her to be happy forever.Now,would he ever be happy again just with the materialistic happiness.....


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