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Story of Scorpio and Frog

Once upon a time, a Scorpio and a Frog were standing on the bank of a river.The Scorpio was thinking that how he will be able to cross the river.Suddenly, the frog asked Scorpio to sit on his back and he will help him to cross the river. The Scorpio agreed upon it and they both started towards crossing the river.
While they were in between the river, suddenly Scorpio stung the frog on his neck.They both started to sink and the frog said to Scorpio,"Why you sting me ,you are also sinking with me".
Scorpio replied,"Buddy,don't put a question on my friendship but you know it's my nature to sting".

The moral of the story is that the basic nature of living beings does not change. Inspite of knowing that the Scorpio might harm him,the frog helped him because being helpful was his nature and the Scorpio instead of being thankful to the frog ,sting him because harming others was his nature.
So,we should just keep on doing good with others and should not be like if someone is doing wrong with you then you will respond in the same tone,then what will be the difference between you and him.

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