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In today’s Indian society, if a girl wears short skirts then she is assumed to be shameless. A 6 inches gap between blouse and petticoat is termed as a traditional wear but a 2 inches gap between top and trouser is termed as shameless. After more than 60 years of Independence, is this the way  where we are proceeding?

I think we should have a clear view of the norms of “great civilization” that our society perceives and  what it really is.
Many of us don’t know the fact that during the age of Lord Krishna, the gopis’ used to bath naked in  Yamuna river as it was not regarded as undisguised. In today’s era, if even if an actress has to wear a  bikini for a shoot, then it becomes a breaking news. A common girl can’t even think of wearing a  shorts and skirts, otherwise she will be regarded as inviting the devils to rape her.
Another huge word - Virginity and Premarital Sex. If anyone around you talks about these words, our  first thought would be, ”how shameless is he”.  But why, is talking about that thing in day that  everyone does at night is nauseous.The rishi Ved Vyas who has written Mahabharata was born by the  premarital sex between Rishi Parashar and Satyavati, who later married King Shantanu.
In some castes, I am using “castes” here because we the Indians are still bounded by this debris. In  some parts of India, there is a traditional of having marriages among cousins. This means suddenly  your first cousin might become your husband or your wife. Suddenly, all the relationships get  messed up. This trend was not followed and was opposed in ancient times.
A well known example of Draupadi who had 5 husbands and Padu who had 2 wives was not considered as a distress. But at today’s time, it is not followed. I am not saying that this  was right at  their part, but it is a fact that if a woman has her second marriage due to any   reason, then she has to  face the cruel and scorn behaviour of the society and this is not same with men. If a man have his  second marriage , then also the girl is blamed for that.
Lets talk about Intercaste Marriage. Now this is something that has become the reason of many  deaths of lovers. In India, intercaste marriage is considered a crime and if someone does it, then  either they are killed  or are boycotted by the family and society. While if we talk about ancient time,at  that time Intercaste  marriages has happened. King Shantanu who was a Kshatariya married a  fisherman’s daughter Satyavati.

A new trend of Kundali matching, which people thing would flourish the marriage, actually completely destroys it. Having marriage with a person whom you like or with person with whom your kundli matches.  What would you select? In ancient time, marriages were not held based upon kundlis still they werwere very  successful. Lord Ram married Sita just by breaking the arrow and not by matching Kundlis.

Love marriage and arrange marriage, this is something which is really a cause to be discussed and  understood. Our today’s society is considered to be modern and civilised. But still many lovers are  killed or boycotted by their families and society. Love marriage is considered to be a sin and a  shameful act. Arrange marriages are regarded as good because it is done within the so-called “castes” by the parents. What really matters for you, that you are marrying a person of your caste, or  you are marrying a person with whom you will always live a happy life whether he or she is of your  caste or not?

God gives birth to everyone as a special individual without imprinting the label of a specific caste onto his  body. So if god has not created any difference then who are we to divide his children into castes? And the  most shocking thing is that the girl has to change her surname after marriage it means she does not have  here personal existence. Before marriage she is known by her father’s name and after marriage by his  husband’s name , so where does she exists as an individual,There are lot more things that are really shameful and are needed to be changed. But we have to start from one thing if we really want to mark ourselves as modern and civilized.

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