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Why We Need A Day Like 14th June

It has been centuries now, we all are very much aware about the problem of child begging in our society and our country. Its not like that someone has to tell us about this, because now it has become a part of our daily lives in such a way that we daily come across many child beggars, we see them, for a minute or two think about their poor condition and then move to our path and not for a minute the thought comes to our mind to do something for the betterment of these child beggars.

The condition of child beggars is worst than what you can imagine in our worst imagination. Child beggars are guided to beg the way they do, and by giving them coins we are not helping them but are destroying their present and future. According to the Indian National Human Rights Commission, upto 40,000 children are abducted every year in India, out of which approximately 1100 remain untraced. But do you really think that this report is true? Not at all, these are just numbers, the condition of these children can't be mounted into numbers.

Street children are regularly inflicted with wounds so that they with get more money out of sympathy. The kind-hearted men and women often don't know that the money they give isn't used to buy food, medicine, or access to education, but alcohol and drugs, and also given to their traffickers.

They are, according to accounts of rescued children, given daily targets for their begging trips. Drugs are also used to keep children sedated - it is common to see women pretending to be mothers, with a 'sleeping' child - the child is usually drugged into submission. It is also not rare to hear of cases where babies 'rent' babies from labour class mothers, to make them much more pitiable to passerby.
Shockingly, Mumbai Police found that many parents in Mumbai are able to live comfortable lives simply by pushing their children into begging. They use the facilities offered by the government for the Right to Education Act while forcing their children to not attend classes. Even when sent to shelters by the Child Welfare Commission (CWC), parents would come to the shelters to retrieve their children, and push them back into begging.

Duayen Foundation has taken an initiative to make India begging free. The have marked a day 14th June as a target to make India child-begging free.

What would be done on 14th June:

We would go to the nearby traffic signals having the posters of child-begging free India in our hands and will do silent protest, so that each vehicle crossing that traffic signal will atleast look once on the poster and will think and may be will pass the message to other's also.

Can we awake the people with our shout this time ?????? come stand as "WE" ?? are you gonna make a difference to this evil society ??? a like - WE WILL and a comment - WE LL ALSO AWARE MORE AND MORE PEOPLE TO SAVE THE GIRL CHILD ! NAARI SHAKTI KO NAMAN ! JAI HIND.

Our will power and unity can transform child beggars into Superheroes of this Earth.
I think now its high time to write posts and notes, its the time now to stand up for these children and be their voice.

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