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E for Emotions

Who we all are,
Mere sculptures of mercy.
What we have
A heart full of emotions.
Some are emotional fools,
Others are emotionally cool.
Some are like me over-emotional,
Some are Demotional.
What we all share are emotions,
This is the way our lives are in motion.
I know its not a rhyme,
But its definitely state of my mind.
Emotional people always get hurt,
Not because they are fool but because they care too much.
The darker side is not seen by everyone,
Its somehow also not hidden from none.
I try to search the darker part in me,
Sometimes I see it in my thoughts and sometimes its completely me.
Too much thinking causes grief,
Its not anyone's mistake, that I didn't find relief.
Being emotional sometimes make me feel sad,
But the truth is I am not mad.

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