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Half Girlfriend


A relation is something in which two or more people are connected, either physically, mentally or emotionally. The relationship of lovers can be as beautiful as the most beautiful dream someone can ever see or can be as worst as no one would ever want to imagine.

I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

I am in a relationship where there is immense care from both sides. The one whom I love the most cares for me alot and likes me too. But as said, there is a huge difference between the two very sweet words, "like" and "love". He likes me but doesn't loves me. He believes that the care he does for me is his love for me. The bond of friendship that we both share is far more lovable than any relationship. We started from friendship and steadily I realized that he is the one for whom my heart beats. I proposed him, but he didn't said anything at that time, neither yes nor no. I also didn't asked him for his answer and our unique relationship started. Sometimes I think, "is it really a relationship?", or its just one sided because he never accepts me as his girlfriend, he has never said me " I Love You", others would think that I am crazy since these three words are the basis of any relationship and he has never said me those, but still I love him, I can't imagine my life without him.
He says I am more than I friend but not his girlfriend. He is yet not ready to give me commitment, but promises that he would never leave me alone, he will always be there by my side. What he says that I am not his girlfriend but his "half-girlfriend", the girl who performs the role of a friend whenever she is in public and performs the role of a girlfriend when she is alone with the guy, but the girl, i.e. me, is not lucky enough that the one whom I love proudly says everyone that she is the girl of my life, she is my girlfriend and not half-girlfriend.

The word half-girlfriend sometimes pinches me and I feel as if I am playing some role and the rest part would be played by someone else as I am performing half of it. But none of these things hampers my love for him. I love him from the depth of my heart, whether he accepts it or not, whether he calls me his half-girlfriend or just a friend, whether he loves me or not, I love him and will always love him because I can never love someone else.

Sometimes I really think that I have forced him to accept me and he didn't wanted to do so. Sometimes I think that "Do I really deserve to be only his half-girlfriend?" My love for him is not bounded by these words bf-gf or half-girlfriend, each day my love for him is becoming more deep. I use to tell myself and sometimes him also that my love is enough for both of us. He may consider me as his half-girlfriend or our relationship as half-relationship, but its more sweet and unique than any other relationship in this world. I love you.

And Yes, I won the Contest.

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