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C for Cage

Have you ever felt yourself being locked in a cage, where your each breath is controlled by someone else and be stopped at any time if you raise voice against it? Those you knew this pain will never want it to be faced by anyone else.

Cage is not only physical cage where one can be locked inside, its also inside our mind that has captured all our positivity and has filled us with negativity. The day when the cage becomes so thick that there is no space for any positive energy to let come in, its better either to open the cage with all the effort you have or to just die, because its better to die rather to live in a cage.

We humans lock the free birds in cage just to see it daily and admire her beauty and to be happy. You loved the sweet chirping song of the bird and so you locked it in a cage so that you can listen it from near to you. But the truth is you can lock a bird in a cage, but not her desires.

God loved birds, so he created trees. Man loved birds, so he created cages.

Its human nature, whatever we like, we want it to near to us at any cost, without trying to understand whether that thing or that person really wants to be us or not. We just try to make a cage around that person so that only we have the ownership of him or her and no one else is allowed to be near to him or her. We will ensure all the comforts in your cage for the one whom you never want to loose, but we forget the fact that a cage is a cage, even if its a gold cage.

You can put someone in a cage, but can't expect him or her to sing for you.

Each one on this earth has its own space, which neither should be devised in a cage nor should be regarded as extending to infinity. Many of us all through our life are blind folded, trapped inside a cage. Its the cage which our own negative energy has created around us and is trapping us day by day more strongly and deeply. Go on again, gather all your positive energy and just break the cage with all your efforts and fly like a free bird. Get yourself out of whatever cage you find yourself in.

Why you stay in prison, when the door is so widely open?

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