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Child Begging- A Bane

The Constitution of India had made many laws all for the welfare of its citizens. The main focus has been put on children and women. If all the laws would have been implemented in the correct way, then India would have been a heaven on earth.

But is that true? Are all the laws that have been made, have been implemented?

Child begging is the most crucial threat, that we are just knowing and think about those children who are living with this truth that they are "child beggars". We can't even imagine that pain and difficulties these children face in their childhood. Childhood which is the most beautiful and memorable phase of one's life, the child beggars are scratched far away from this happiness.

The main causes of child begging are poverty which leads the adults to force children for begging, orphaned and abandoned children are kidnapped and forced to beg, not having the awareness of the fundamental rights of children, organized gangs/mafias kidnap and sell children and their body parts and the saddest part is that the government had failed to implement the policies for the welfare of these children.

Their hands are meant to make sandcastles and not to beg on streets.

By official statistics 60,000 children disappear every year and upto an estimation, there are 3,00,000 child beggars in India. In spite of a number of policies, the government has failed due to lack of political will.

Now its our turn to stand together for these children as they deserve to spend their childhood by learning and not earning. #OneGoOneImpact is an initiative of #DuayeinFoundation, that only aims to give these children their lives back and wants to fill happiness on their faces. Support Duayein Foundation in making Delhi Begging Free, just think for once, how would you have felt if the child begging on the street would have been yours. Then might be you will be able to understand their pain.

Come join and motivate others to stand together to make Delhi Begging Free #OneGoOneImpact.

Show a child love and care, child begging is not at all fair.

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