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#We live in times that test our sanity;
#We love in times that drains our humanity;
#We work for the process of making money;
#For many think that's the only thing that makes their day sunny;

#But there are those not so fortunate;
#The one's that get stuck in the game of fate;
#These are the people treated as dirt & crap;
#And to top it, some unworthy give them ludicrous ways to escape this trap;

#They are made to beg for a 1-square meal;
#No one even cares or wonders how they feel;
#Inspite of all, they are called the 'society's disgrace' ;
#I can't even start imagining how many difficulties they actually face;

#It is up to us to free our kin;
#Not doing so, just adds up in our list of sin;
#We need to protect them from the predators;
#For these are the people that can be called 'humanity's traitors' ;

#Let's unite against this just cause;
#Let's give these people's suffering an indefinite pause;
#Let's give our movement the shield's shape;
#If we muster enough support, we will be worthy of donning on the superman's cape;

Let's make a #BeggingFreeDelhi #OneGoOneImpact

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