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Story Of Jazlyn

I was all alone. There was no one in my life with whom I could share my feelings or my thoughts. Whole day I spent at office, tired and frustrated, when i returned to my home, I just felt so lonely because my thoughts just sounded so hard in my mind but I had no way to let them come out and and share with someone.

Sharing is one of the best thing in the world. Great satisfaction comes from share your feelings and thoughts with someone who is really willing to listen to them and understand them. But the fact is many do not have anyone in their life who is really willing to listen to them. And then we end up with frustration and loneliness. I am also one of them who has no one to share my feelings with.

 One day I found a blog named "Chirkut Blog"while surfing on internet. The name attracted me towards itself as it was very different from the rest. Here, I found an option of Guest Blogging, where I came to know that I can write anything I want and people who would love to read it will do it and will be able to share their views with me via the blog. This made me very happy as I found Chirkut Blog as a friend where I could write anything and everything I felt and there was no one who would avoid me and will make me feel bad and hurt.

Great satisfaction was felt by sharing my thoughts at the blog. Sharing is caring and I felt that by sharing my thoughts, I am caring for myself and learning to love myself. If its meant to be this way, then it will happen this way only. I have started giving words to my thoughts and writing it down on Chirkut Blog where people that I don't know read it and get to know that there is some girl named Jazlyn who exists on this Earth and thinks like this. I am never gonna meet those readers, but some how there is a connection between us by our thoughts. Each time they would read what i would share, an image of mine will be created in their minds and that;s how we will get connected with each other.

If we cannot do great things, then we should try to do small things in great ways, and the same I am trying to do.

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