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The Puzzles of life

Howdy people, how are you all faring in this beautiful life given to you? I hope you are excelling in what you do

Today I felt a curiosity of doing some (game) problem solving early in the morning. Hence, I sat up with the problem in my lap, being played with in a 1000 thousand different ways in my mind and this continued for some time, till an idea struck me.The idea was so interesting that the puzzle problem I was playing was out of the picture immediately.

You see, I saw the resonance of the problem I was holding in my hand and problems in my life. The faster I solved the puzzles, the faster I reached the level of satisfaction and thus, moved upon the next problem. 

So I started wondering, any problem, we face, whether it be emotional , physical or mental, we just need the patience and the willpower to see the bigger picture: 

life's a puzzle. by Shutter-Shooter

Every problem in your life constitutes a hurdle that stops you from doing the thing you want or desire and you are given with a specific set of resources and in some cases, nothing at all. Similar is the case with a puzzle, where you are given resources to complete it and in a specific time,  and you do complete it. So you see all you need to do is get started and use the brilliant brain you possess to tackle the problems of your life and solve it in no time, after all it's just a puzzle, so it can't trouble you much. The key, however, lies in believing yourself in solving the puzzle in front of you as well as that the puzzle is just a small exercise you are doing. This takes away the awfulness, laziness or any fear that was attached to the given problem, thus rendering it powerless and weak. And you being a beast, devour it in no time.
Image result for lion jumping in a hunt

Our aim is getting from point A to point B. And the only way the points are connected are is through a series of chains. These chains are made up of small links that specify different moments that help us in absorbing different experiences from different problems faced by us. Each problem has a unique set of solution and only we can solve them. Asking others to solve them is fruitless as this is your journey, thus, it needs to be solved by you or it looses it's purpose. Still, if someone does help you and solves the problem in your stead, the benefit of experience, will also be credited by that person. What was meant for you was taken by someone else. Tell me now, was it be worth anything to you at all?

True, you face problems that are bigger than your own existence, but you underestimate the smarts you possess, and that how efficient you are in that trade. People must have the power of belief to see themselves as puzzle masters, having the ability to solve their problems in nick of time. Some problems may make you struggle a lot, while some will make you yawn at the ease of their complexity. But here is the important point: No problem is bigger than you, but longer the problem is possessed by you, the longer you take to solve it, the more it becomes boring and tiresome, resulting in your decreased efficiency. So if you face a problem in your life and you have the right set of mind, DO NOT , I repeat, do not procrastinate i.e. delaying it for a latter time. Give your 100% immediately as if your life depended on it. If you do this every single time, any hurdle obstructing your life will become rubble in a matter of second. 

How smart a person is varies way too much thus, comparing yourself with others is useless. What and how they solve their life is their own unique method, while you have your own. So, comparing with others never gets you anywhere except at a place with low self esteem and with even more troubles and problems than before. If you really are a competitive freak, you can compare yourself of the yesterday. This way, all you will be doing is increasing your efficiency.

So, the next time, you see a problem obstructing your path, put a evil smile like the one above. Not because you are evil (, right?but because you see the problem in front of you not as a wall that you need to break with great strength, but as fresh food for you personality to grow and increase in strength and intensity. This will help you solve and live a more peaceful and satisfactory life than you can ever wonder. 


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