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Thinking About Purpose

I laid down on my bed, all alone, missing someone, and thinking about the sole purpose of life. How life gets its purpose and how people get a reason to live.

Many questions keep on having a race with each other in my mind. What I do and what I really want to do? Why do I work? Because I have to earn money or because I love my work? Why do I need to earn money? Because I want to live a happy life or just because I have to look good in my society? Or because I have mortgage to pay or feed the children or to buy clothes and food? But whats so good about that. If I do not have any mortgage to pay or what if my children leave the home when I grow old? Why I am working then? When I am spending my days and nights doing a work that I even did not like to do? Then what is the purpose of my life?

When I stood up, I realized that I have no purpose in my life. I have had no goal to work for that will keep me going. I have no one with me to help with through my days and nights. No one to talk to or tell my feelings to. I have nothing that I can point to and say, "it is worth doing..."

I am just looking for places to visit for which I don't have enough money, I don't know why? I am daily going to work, I don't know why? I just count the 5 days of the week for the weekend to come, I don't know why? I think for the weekends but I have no one to spend it worth, I don't know why?

Why all these happens to ,e? Because I don't have any purpose in my life. Then why am I here? What I am doing here? I don't know what I am doing and why am I doing it at all.

So, how do you give your life a purpose? Do you have some secrets? Or are you all feeling like this but just do not want to accept it?

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