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God's Eye View

The problem :-|

Life today has become as troublesome as it could ever be. People are running amok not to invent or discover new things but to solve a question knocking on continuously in their tedious yet brilliant minds. True, it has become a better place because of people like these, who have developed the humanity to the brink of advancement but in this race of worldly advancement, something is being left behind, something core to us, something that is a necessity in everything.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind has become a commodity so rare in this world that it is believed to be non-existent. The main problem of lack of peace of mind arises from the huge mountain of personal problems that stands in front of us for us to sort. Without the adequate payment of resources like time and your peace of mind, these problems are a no-go. However, there are people who don't require this type of  problem addressing thinking. For them, the world is all bright and shine as they have their own way of tackling their problems. The good thing in them is not that their way is better, but that they have a drive to solve a problem that is creating nuisance in their personal lives.

To all those, who are, well, how do I say, 'less equipped'  in solving the matters close to them, all I hope is that you are able to co-relate your life with the idea I'm trying to convey. This is because this is being not to answer a question, but to induce a way of thinking in the minds of the people so as to simplify their path to the answer they seek. Well here I start.


Yup tiny ants is what I'm talking about. Small, nimble, focused as hell, strong in it's own scale and packs a mean ass bite that everyone's scared of. These ants pack a punch when they get together to do a task. They do everything in unity and succeed in thriving in terrible conditions. Now what I want you to do is observe them as one organism, i.e imagine the line of ants crawling up the wall, as one organism. This is because they are a single organism, with various moving parts, whereas we have a tendency to look upon them as singular insects working together to survive. You see a complete in sync movement that works well and successfully completes the task it has been allocated. Now, come out of the observation mode and hinder their path with any liquid of any sorts. You will observe the organism that was working perfectly till now, in total chaos. Look at the whole picture and just 


What do you see unravelling in front of you?

Do the ants scramble everywhere in agony of loosing their path?

Do they start searching the cause of the obstruction in their path?

Do they start recuperation efforts to form a bypass path to continue the efficient method?

Do think of the questions above and before you see the fruitlessness of these questions, all I ask is this:

In respect of the ants that were just made to run everywhere, who are you and what do you know of the problem the ants are facing and solution to the ruckus?

I see I have got your attention as you have started to see the larger picture, because as you see observe more, you realize that compared to the ants, you are the entity with a whole lot more knowledge than those meagre ants. The ants are panicking but in that same moment you are able to see the problem and the solution crystal clear in front of you. In other words, you are a GOD for those ants, with the power to crush them or help them, all depending on your thoughts and intentions.

How does this correlate with the personal problems crap that I was spewing in the start. Well, replace the troubled you, the one who is sick with so many problems to solve, with the ants and replace the GOD OF ANTS with the yourself, the one who is introspecting and who is calm/happy at the current moment. 

You see, the problems you are facing are as small as a DOT IN A WHITE PAPER. Yup that's all what your suffering and problems and obstructions sum up to as compared to the massive potential of happiness you have inside you. So in order to solve the problem, we think of the only human tendency available to us, we focus on the problems, so hard, that our whole life that was flourishing and colourful in it's prime, becomes a barren land of nothingness that can't support the life it once used to. 

To all those, who knew how cheerful and lively you were before know the change and can help you in this problem solving quest. But to those without the support of anyone, you gotta move this boulder of this path yourself buddy. It will be difficult but it ain't impossible. 

The first thing to do is never-ever forget the good times and dreams that you encountered till your journey here. All the good times and the memories you have should be reserved and saved like a endangered species, at all times. This helps protecting the good in your life and in other words, saving the essential fuel for your future happiness. 

The second thing is to think yourself as a God. A God that has total and absolute control over what happens and what occurs in your life. This helps you in defocusing on the black dot in the paper, but inorder to look at the whole picture, you gotta do the following.

 Look at the instances of your life that is facing the most turbulent weather. Remember you are the GOD, and you are here just out of curiosity, and not for some difficult test. Look at yourself from the God's point of view, where your past self, the sad one is a simple human being in desperate need for help. After looking at the person of dire need to your satisfaction, start looking at the problems that person is facing. The problems he face can be wide ranged and can be so bad that a solution is not possible. But remember, these problems are not your problems, and hence, you need not worry of the outcome or side effect of that problem and just solve the damn question that kept nagging you for a time. 

When you are able to inculcate your thinking to this level, you start seeing solutions for that person's problems like a quick answer to 95873*86984(8339417032๐Ÿ˜).

What I was trying to do is make you drop the fear factor when solving the equation of a problem. The less you think about the things you cannot control, more is your control over controllable things. Less variables, faster execution, perfect answer. This point of view will help you out in so many situations that you will be shocked by the effectiveness of this Problem solving method. Simple yet powerful enough to shift the gears of your life, ain't it?

The more you practise this technique, the more mastery you obtain in it and more powerful you become in solving the common and the uncommon. But the best part of cleaning up problems is that your happiness gets a whole lot more space to grow and spread it's wings of joy. And adding the preserved memories of happy times to this sum, leaves you, a person overflowing with happiness and problemlessness ;-).

Hope it helped, for  it was written to.

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