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A mother is a one for whom there is no adjective in the world that can express our gratitude or love towards her. A woman who works 24*7 without any holiday or without any salary, dedicates herself completely to her family and children and does not expects anything in return. Whenever we are in any trouble or we need money or we need to search our clothes or we are sick, only one words comes to our mind and mouth and that is "maa", because we know that there is no one in this world who loves us the way our mother does.

When a child is born, the reason of him or her being able to open his or her eyes in this world is a mother. She holds the little fingers of her child and makes him to learn how to keep his first step on earth. She is always there by her child's side whatever may be the situation.

I don't find any word that would express my affection and love for you mamma, it can only be felt and I will always make you feel that in every possible way. My thankfulness to you is beyond words, so I would just say, "you are the reason of my happiness. No one can be like you." "And this is true for all the mothers.

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