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D for Defiance

Defiance literally means open resistance or bold disobedience. We always face defiance between our head and our heart. Its like when we try to listen to our head, then we face resistance from our heart and vice versa. A very common question in which our head and our heart resists one another is "whether the hen came first or the egg?"
Our head and heart are constantly at a war on many things. The defiance of head and heart is an issue that has no permanent solution. Every time we try to choose between head or heart, we feel helplessness and cry over the war between our head and heart. Both are integral parts of our body, we cannot deny one and listen to the other. If we choose our heart, we have the fear to loose the practicality of mind. If we listen to the mind, then we have the fear to loose our sentiments of love. Either way, we are constantly in a crucified situation by the fear of making wrong decision. The world changes constantly, it our mood that restricts us with the changing world.

what I know vs what I feel

A great defiance is felt when we try to convince our head with something that our heart knows is a lie. Its the human nature that keeps on complaining. Its only human nature to run away from resisting the things we cannot change. 

But how long will this defiance keep on running when there will be no place to stop the resistance?

You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you have to dare to jump.

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