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There's always a sign board that is ready to welcome you- it is "Problems Ahead". Each one of us are it's favorites as it wants to befriend with everyone. But all of we don't seem to be interested in having friendship with him. A positive attitude person would take problems like washing machines which twist, spin around , knock us all over , but its ultimate goal is to make us come out cleaner, brighter and better than before. 

The line said above is followed and implemented by only a few of us. The rest get depressed just even having a thought about a problem that can occur. Some are so frightened just by thinking about the problems that they fail to face it and find suicide as the greatest cure. But is it right on their part to apply a full stop to their life just to avoid problems. It is a universal fact that every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide and in most cases the reason it that they were not ready to bear the weight of the problems of their life. Life is so simple and beautiful, it is inside the mind of the humans that make it complicated. Life is a gift to be preserved and lived, not to be wasted or just ruined away to avoid some problems. Each one of us are awarded with our wonderful parents and caring friends. If we are facing any problem that is pinching us from inside, then the best solution for it is to share it with parents or friends. Its true that no one can promise to fix all our problems but they can promise that you won't have to face them all alone. As it is said that happiness enriches by sharing, the opposite is with problems, they depreciate by sharing it with dear ones. It is also a fact that not everyone would be interested in knowing and sharing your problems, in that case your parents won't let you down ever. Parents are the face of God. They are and will always be there to help us. Rather than setting suicide as the only solution for all the problems, you should share it with your dear ones.

Life is about balance. Good times and bad times are the components of life. It is totally up to us how to proceed and where to stop. But always remember, putting a full stop to life will take all the happiness and opportunities of your life that god had routed to you. So that on the train of life. Each station is important. Remain boarded at each station on the train till you reach your destination.

Keep Smiling, Keep Motivating :-) :D

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