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Love Conquers All Things, Let Us Too Surrender Love

What is LOVE? Some say its about feelings and affection , some say it is attraction, for some it is nothing and for some it is everything.  It matters and changes from person to person. Love does not only means the relationship between a boy or a girl that is related with romance and intimacy, love is of different forms- love of a mother and a child, love of a pet with its owner, love between friends, love with books and this list continues. The only difference is the kind of feeling that is developed inside us .
Love dries the tears from the eyes and brings sunshine in the sky. Love is not a materialistic thing that can be bought with money or can be dominated with power and strength. It’s a feeling that can only be felt by someone and expressed by eyes. You just need to to feel the love for you in someone’s eyes.

A child is never taught to love his mother or a pet animal is not trained to be loyal to his master. It’s just about the mutual feeling and understanding that is developed between individuals and make them to be so important for each other. When a child is born, he or she knows nothing, can’t talk to anyone and not even listen to anyone . The only thing he or she does is to understand and know the touch of the people around him and the happiness in the eyes of the people when they hug him and see him . The bright and shining eyes of his family members develops a seed of love and attachment in the child. When he grows up, he returns the same love with great affection.
Ego is the enemy of love. When ego comes in between, love suppresses. Self respect is must in every relationship but not ego. Self respect strengthens the relationship and ego destroys the relationship. Trust is the main building block of any relation. If you can’t trust someone , how could you love him. Love doesn’t dies with distance or if someone walks away from our life. It continues forever and ever in our memories. Human is mortal and he leaves his family and loved ones all alone one day. But his love and memory stays always in the heart of his dear ones and encourages them to do more and more good that would make his soul the happiest.

I wake up every day with your smile on my mind,The sense of your presence in my life is reflected in the sun’s shine.Your dreams are mine and are connected by our heart’s,I promise what’s the situation, we will never be apart.

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