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What Happens when You Intimate

Boys and girl, do you know that you have to be very careful with whom you choose to have physical relation with. We all are physical beings. Each human being possesses some sort of energy. This energy can be positive or negative. Our energies are transferred in to each other while getting intimated with each other. This energy is the aural energy that leaves huge impacts on us.

Most people think that having intimacy with one or some other doesn’t make any different because it’s just about fulfilling your physical desires regardless of with whom you are having it. But it’s not true at all. The aural energy is merged while having intimacy or in clear words we can say while having sex with your partner or with someone else. The more and more you get closer physically with someone, the more deeper their aural energy is inter-twisted within you. The strong connection with the person can leave strong detritus on your soul and it is more common in those who are not good at cleansing- both physically and emotionally. The different kinds of intimacy that two people can have are OBE or the astral sex, physical sex or the oral sex. Any of these intimacy can lead to uprising or the downfall of the two persons.

For example, if you are getting intimated with someone whom you has been knowing for a longer time and is very positive in attitude and emotionally strong, his or her’s aura or what to be said, the aural energy will be integrated in you and will uplift you. If you are having sex with a person who is depressive, unstable and has a negative attitude, then the same energy will be transferred into you and you will be crashed down.
When a husband and wife has intimacy with each other , their energies are absorbed into each other and got habitual with each other. Nowadays, people usually hook up or the right way to say is , have OBE or astral sex with each other and their energies are buried into each other. The best way to get rid of this energy is to perform cleansing – both physically and mentally.

Christians have a concept of ‘Soul ties’ also discussed in the Tantric Sex. It discusses the unwanted energy that one gathers while getting intimate with someone can only be get ridden off by learning the technique of cleansing. The best way of cleansing the aural energy is same as like washing your hands or the other parts of the body. By changing your clothes or applying deodorants , one can get rid of the aural energy so that it will have the negligible effect on your life. Having bath is the best way of aura clearing.

Its not to difficult to have a good sexual life but care should be taken to enjoy it to the fullest.❤✌

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