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  1. Almost each one of us dreams once in 90 minutes, and the longest dream of 30-45 minutes could occur in the morning.

  2. Dreaming helps you to learn more and more.
  3. Men are famous for having orgasms in dreams. Women can also have the feeling of orgasm in their dreams.
  4. An average person dreams about 1,460 times in a year.
  5. Neptune is considered as the ‘Planet of Dreams’. Water represents the depth of emotional level of humans. Dreams wraps the level of unconsciousness and takes us into another world.
  6. Nightmares occurring again and again have some underlying message in them.
  7. Dreams can be controlled. This fact was displayed in the movie ‘Inception’ but according to a survey of 3000 people, it has been found that lucid dreaming amplifies the ability to learn from the state of dreaming.
  8. You can dream at any place, being asleep is not mandatory.
  9. Childhood dreams are shorter than adult dreams.
Enjoy Your Dreams :-)

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