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War of the sexes

The war of the sexes;
Rages on to the problems nexus;
One wants to topple the other;
Using their prowess to smother;

One sex is defined as the peak of masculinity;
They proclaim themselves as the 'Guardians' of humanity;
Despite the fact that era of masculine is long begone;
They try their level best to adapt to social demands and move on;

The other sex's love is out of this world;
The gentleness of a fairy yet the fierceness a tsunami ever hurled;
While they broaden their horizons and struggle to be free;
They break all chains bounding them, uprooting the old social tree;

Change is coming and it's surely inevitable;
And it won't stop no matter how wrong it is that you lable;
In a world of hybrids, competition for the top is ensured;
There won't be any stability, till the anarchy of the old ways is cured;

Both are capable in doing each other's tasks;
Provided they keep their patience in thermos flasks;
But the potential they show should not be generalized;
Else this tug of power will never let us live life as civilized;


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