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Wineyard of humanity

Imagine a bottle of wine is just like your conscious .

The more the wine stays in the dark, unexposed, to the oxygen in the environment, greater is its value.

And when the bottle is finally opened, it dazzles the people around with its strong smell and unique taste.

Hell, if people know more about you, they are treated with reverence and respect, and they walk around with an air of superiority.

Their attitude, their ego is based upon a drink that has been aged for a long time. Yeah, wrap your head around that.

This is how our world functions. You are a mediocre person, like everyone. What will make you previously is when you entrench your ideas in your mind in such a way that they represent your originality. Other ideas & people want to come and take over your ideas. Don't let them. Fight with the stubbornness of do or die.

In time, people call you selfish, self centered and non-acknowledging, simply because you didn't listen to them. Don't let that get that in your head. Just keep rooting for your ideas and work on them non stop.

Eventually they stop attacking you or you level up to the extent you can't feel their attack at all, whichever comes first.

Then comes the time of reaping, and the world is just awe struck. Instead of down trodding you for having an impossible or puny task, they feel a variety of emotions extending from amazement to embarrassment, all because you did the impossible or you showed everyone how big the puny task can really be. And it all worked out, because of the self belief you had.

The isolation lets you work on yourself, till the world couldn't compare themselves on any scale known to them. That isolation turned you from a rookie who believed in themselves to an entrepreneur that guessed rightly what the future would be.

Be the rookie that believes in their own capacity, work upon yourself without comparing yourself to anyone but your yesterday. And most of all, don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out yours., and therein, you have your own secret formulae of success. :-)

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