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Prison of One-side

Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like being in a prison of reality. What you want will not and can not happen. Thus you are forced to be a person you are not, as if you are convicted for loving that person. The fantasy you have becomes a dream while the reality just imprisons your soul.

If you accept the punishment, your affection & love for the other person erodes away your personality and nature, while the other person enjoys the freedom and support without any consequences. You become a hollow person with nothing but negativity in you & if not careful, you become a Carrier for the same (disease) .

However, if you revolt against the unfair justice that has been imposed upon you, just because you are truthful and straight forward, your punishment of prison time is changed. How it changes, depends solely on the person receiving the benefits of your emotions.

If they are an understanding creature, who values rationality over emotionality, then you are in for a treat, for you are acquitted of all charges. In fact, you get help from the creature itself, to move on. They applaud your guts and improve you as a human being as well as the relation you share with them.

However, if they are a greedy bunch, they will simply increase your imprisonment to hang till death scenario, for the relation they share with you, along with the emotions you have for them, are worth jack to them. You become an object for them, which has to be utilized to it's full potential before throwing away.

You either end up with an improved form of friendship with the creature or you end up alone. That's the crossroad you have to... cross.

1 sided love is the harshest punishment anyone can get, just for being honest with themselves.

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