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The High of Regret

Is the value of Future so great;
So much so, that our present is worth all the hate;
People wasting away their confirmed and enjoyable time;
With reasons so stupid that can not be explained in this rhyme;

Dreaming and aiming is so cheap;
But it's the realization of this Aim that make you fucking weep;
This aim of yours, needs your best from getting your butt scattered;
But it's the remaining areas of life, that turn broken and battered;

'Keep Developing' should be the mantra, like a daily bath;
After all, devotion to success is the only true path;
Everyone plans their future by doing some math;
The present gets ignored and it does come back with a new name: Regret, in all it's wrath;

It's when we start loosing people that we awaken;
But Karma has it's own plans: what you didn't value will be taken;
That's when you will realize, all you did was make your life forsaken;

The worries of future things are nothing but your brain's squawk;
Live your present to the brim and it will become your future's hack;
Just for 'What's about to come' ,don't live your present as if it ain't worth a jack;

My point to you is: Cherish the people & moments in your fate;
So that it's just not you who stands at the your achievement's gate;
The day you achieve this, will you have lived fully & successfully mate;

-For:  Naive
-Written by:  Regret
-Published by: Pain



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