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Funny Myths about Masturbation

When I was in school I heard the most funniest myths of my life and at that time they felt so real that I cant even explain. Masturbation itself was a myth in school, everyone denied doing it in public but with the friends they showed that they are only one who knows how to do it ;-) ('act as a king'). Along with it came the myths and for every myth you heard made you re-think about your night before :P , and left you in terror o-) for the rest of the day. I compiled some of these myths about masturbation, all of them are pretty shitty and made my life hell. Take a look.

    • If you do it, you will never grow taller - But today's generation is already born short, lol

    • You will lose all your hair - how can you think like this , even the most brightest people of earth now have no hairs, want to recall now ;-)

    • You will become an idiot -  Just look around yourselves 

    • You will never have kids later in your life - that one is horrifying oneself :P 

    • If Someone Kicks you there , what about the child possibility - hahaha when we watch cricket at old times and ball hit your favorite cricketer there, you will feel aww for him.

    •    Masturbation causes pimples - Girlish character. 

    • You will start forgetting things - That thing I don’t know may be its possible .

    • You will end up with a very small penis / It will never stop growing - F**k that ,now don’t look at your bottom please, dont show sympathy to him , Just a childish thoughts :P

    • You waste all the “fluid” and you will have nothing left for later life -  this one is famous one , I think famous in every school. So apply some fluid harvesting techniques and save that :P ;-).

               HAHAHA , You can also share yours if you heard something different. :P ;-)

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